How to Edit SWF in iMovie/FCP/Premiere

“I sometimes come across Flash animations online that I really like, so I save them to my hard drive. Lately though, I have gotten to thinking that it would be cool if I could edit them in FCP or Premiere into some of my own movies or something.”


“I did some .swf files using Adobe Flash on Win, and also saved them as MX files so that they can be read in school’s lab. What I don’t know is how to get these into iMovie – any suggestions?”

As is known to all, the .swf file can only be editted in Adobe Flash with the source .fla file provided. If you don’t have the .fla file, even Adobe Flash cannot edit the file, let alone other video editors like iMovie, FCP or Adobe Premiere, etc. since they don’t accept .swf format. Therefore, if you want to edit .swf video in iMovie/FCP/Premiere, you have to transcode SWF to ProRes 422 MOV or convert SWF to MP4 video formats which are accepted by the editors.

To handle the conversion, you can use Firecoresoft Mac SWF Converter. Given here is the step-by-step tutorial on the conversion:

Step 1: Install and launch the Mac SWF Converter, then click “Select File” to load SWF video files to the converter.

Step 2: Choose ProRes 422 MOV as the output format for FCP. You can also choose MOV, MPEG-4, H.264 etc as output format for iMovie from the list of “Profile > iMovie > MPEG-4”.

Step 3: Now click the “Start” button and begin to convert SWF to MOV or MP4 on Mac.

When it is successfully converted, a pop-up windows will show you the destination of generated video. After that you can import the converted .swf file to iMovie, FCP or Premiere for editing freely.