Treatment Of Warts And The After Effects On Your Skin

Warts small growths that usually develop in a person’s hand, feet, face or genitals that are not unlike solid blister and in the shape of a cauliflower. They are caused by the presence of a virus known as HPV (human papillomavirus) that grows in the second layer of skin and stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more secretion, but they emerge as small, firm crusty globules that are commonly called warts.

There are different types of warts, but no matter what type of warts you develop, it is bound to cause a great deal of inconvenience and is a nuisance since it tests your patience because you are constantly aware of their presence. They prick your feet if you have warts on your soles and warts on your torso, face, and hands causes irritation and crusting. You can adopt some remedies to relieve the itching, but mostly, you have to wait it out patiently until they fall off on their own.

Effect of Warts on your Skin 

Warts can have adverse effects on your skin and they might leave marks and make your skin tough, scaly, and dehydrated. They form a crust and when they are fully developed, pus-filled blisters and boils grow around it, which might leave marks even after they fall off. Some serious conditions, such as genital warts in women, can have adverse long-term effects that might become serious if left untreated. In women, cervical dysplasia may develop which can lead to cervical cancer. So why take the risk of waiting for your warts to fall off? The common types of warts disappear on their own and are usually not harmful.

You have reasons to rejoice if you see that your warts have fallen off on their own, because that means that your immune system is strong enough to combat the extra growth on your body and eject the wart-causing virus without a medical catalyst. All you need to do to protect your feet from turning ugly a crusty, is to put a band-aid or a light gauze bandage to prevent further infection on the healing skin.

Removal of Warts – sometimes Painful, but always Effective 

There are several ways by which warts can be externally removed, if taking medicines and over-the-counter drugs fail.

  • You can get your warts frozen with liquid nitrogen
  • Burn it with an electric needle so that the virus become dead, as long a trained professional or your doctor is the one who is doing this
  •  They can also be removed surgically, but you can always be patient and wait for them to fall off by themselves if you have common warts
  • There are some herbal remedies as well if you are unwilling to try out the above options. Olive oil, oregano oil, Neem (Indian lilac) leaves, and many more are all effective remedies for wart removal and the marks left behind by warts.

According to, warts are a common occurrence that inflicts a person at one point of time or the other. They are mostly easy to deal with and remove, and generally considered harmless, but only the enduring process can be a little trying.

The author Modesto Pitts is a well-qualified person who has experience on health related issues and loves to spread awareness and offer remedies, amongst the people suffering from diseases and illness. Also he is researcher on natural health products such as Wartrol.