How To Check If Your Washing Machine Needs A Repair Man Or Just Simple Maintenance By YOU

How To Check If Your Washing Machine Needs A Repair Man Or Just Simple Maintenance By YOU
Taking good care of your washing machine is really important, not only because it ensures that your clothes will always be cleaned thoroughly but because washing machines are not cheap and the last thing you want is to have to keep spending money on repairs or replacements every year or so.
Washing machines should last, on average, between 5-12 years, depending on which brand you have and how often you use it, so taking good care of it will help your machine achieve its life expectancy. However, we aren’t all plumbers or engineers, so sometimes what might seem to be a real problem to us might actually only require some simple maintenance by you, instead of calling out a repair man and spending money.
So, what should you be looking for in order to ensure that there is not a serious fault with your washing machine? Firstly, if nothing obvious jumps out at you, such as the drum isn’t spinning when the washing machine is running through a cycle or if the machine doesn’t turn on, then you probably only have a simple fault that is easily resolved.
Possible reasons your washing machine isn’t cleaning your clothes properly

  • The filters could be blocked up with dirt and mildew

It is always worth checking to see if your filters need a clean out, as if they are blocked then your machine will not be able to rinse as well as it should do. Check your washing machine’s manual to find the location of your filters and then give them a thorough clean with normal washing up liquid (or soap) and water.

  • You’re using too little or too much detergent

You should always check the instructions on the back of your detergent bottle or box in order to see what the recommended dose is. If you use too little, then you will find that your clothes may not smell as fresh or look as clean as you want them too. If you use too much detergent, you may find that your machine becomes clogged up and mildew starts to grow.

  • You’ve been overloading your machine

These days it is really important to make sure that we save energy and are as efficient as possible and as far as washing our clothes is concerned, this means that we should make sure we have a full load of washing in the machine. However, going overboard and overstuffing the machine with clothes will mean that there isn’t as much space for the detergent and water to get in and give each individual item the appropriate amount of cleaning. Therefore your clothes will not be washed properly. There should always be some space for movement in the machine, if there isn’t then you’re overloading it.

  • The detergent dispenser is clogged up

Very often, it isn’t the machine that is the problem but the actual detergent dispenser, which can become very grimy after being used for some time without having a clean. You should try to rinse the dispenser every week in order to ensure no detergent or softener is being left behind to clog it up. If the dispenser is dirty or clogged up, the new detergent you’re adding for your wash will either become dirty itself, or not be able to fully leave the dispenser to reach your dirty clothes.

  • Your machine is due a maintenance cycle

You do not need a repair man or plumber to run a maintenance cycle on your washing machine. It is a simple enough process to maintain your machine each month by purchasing washing machine cleaner and putting it in the detergent dispenser and inside the washing machine’s drum. You then need to run a wash cycle on the hottest wash and just let the cycle run to the end.
This wash will give your machine a full and in-depth clean that will ensure its inner components and drum are as clean and sterilised as possible by getting rid of all the bacteria, soap residue and mildew that has built up over the month.
Laura Harrison is a home energy efficiency expert who blogs for Kitchen appliance retailer The Wash House in Worcester. She offers tips and advice about home energy, home maintenance and how to get the most out of your home appliances. When she isn’t writing she’s at her local gym or walking her dog, Indy.

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