Information about cancer when you are pregnant

Cancer when pregnant is something that is hardly heard off. Being rare a lot of research has not been undertaken on this subject. Medicine oncology in pregnancy can assure timely relief. The sad aspect is that in the days to come the number of cancer cover is expected to increase as women are waiting for a considerable time to have children. With age the risk of developing cancer increases. As information available for cancer issues is rarer, it becomes difficult to take a decision.
Medicine for oncology while pregnant suggests several aspects have to be considered. 

Though there is nothing major to ponder over as the treatment of cancer is going to have a negative impact on the health of mother and baby. A series of tests to detect cancer are also suggested which is not a cause of concern. Though some treatment modules are not that safe for a developing baby. Whereas in case of others you can be part of the tests any time. Advancements in medical science have ensured that better outcomes in terms of treatment evolve. Do keep in mind that a pregnant woman can deliver a healthy baby.

More about cancer
Pregnancy is not going to cause any type of cancer. Though if you are pregnant the chances of suffering from cancer is also not going to increase. Breast along with cervical cancer are the most common types. Though brain or lung cancer can develop when you are pregnant but chances seem to be very rare.

Some symptoms like bleeding, nausea etc. are common when pregnant. You can say that the occurrence of such symptoms might have a relation to a particular type of cancer. It becomes important to discuss the symptoms with your doctor if at a stage if you find that they do not seem to be critical. In certain cases pregnancy can detect cancer than earlier it was not the case. Say for example a Pap test could go on to uncovers cervical cancer. The chances are that you can be worried about medical tests which are undertaken at the time of pregnancy. There is nothing to be worried as most of the tests are considered to be safe when pregnant. Though they are rated to be safe, it is suggested that you discuss with your doctor on how to manage such tests and provide them with more information
  • Research does showcase the fact that the level of radiation in an X ray is very low to harm a foetus
  • A higher level of radiation is being put to use in CT scan and reveals more about the internal structure or organs. To detect cancer it is easy or evens the spread of it. But a recommended practice is that such scanning has to be undertaken if only there exists a need
The ultrasound or MRI is rated to be safe when pregnant as they do not give out radiation when pregnant. As part of the phase of pregnancy physical exams are important.