Are Your Activities Age Your Skin Faster Than The Normal

No one wants to look older than their real age. Here are some of the don’ts which you have to remember.
Not wearing any sun protection. You thought, “Why would I need to use a sunscreen? I don’t think I need it. After all, I’m working inside the office.” That’s actually a misconception. It doesn’t matter if you work in the fields or in a cubicle. It is a must that you apply a sunscreen. You should know that UV can still pass through windows. Your skin is still prone to fast aging. Next time, wear a sunscreen regardless of your whereabouts.
Treating of the face alone. Most of us are conscious about the face. But you have to remember that other parts of your body are important too. Your neck and your hands might show aging as well. It is imperative that you moisturize your neck and your hands. Imagine yourself having a nice face but with aging neck and hands? It’s as if your head was misplaced on a different body, right?  
Changing skin care products too often. A TV advertisement for an anti – aging cream promises that you would look younger in 2 weeks. You tried their product and after 2 weeks, there were no obvious results. You ditched the product and got its competitor brand. The same thing happened and you purchased a new one. Well, it’s becoming a habit and I need you to stop. If you are trying a new product, you should give it at least 6 weeks. Don’t change just yet.
Using everything at once. Always remember that our skin can sometimes react negatively to new products. Let’s say that there is a skin care package. You have the cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen among many others. You might get too excited to try everything. Don’t do that. What if your skin reacted badly on one product? How would you know which one is the culprit? Use one product first. Use the next one after 2 or 3 weeks. By doing so, you will know if your skin is fine with the new skin care product.
Depriving yourself with a good night rest. For busy people, a 5 – hour sleep is enough. Well, if you want your skin to look older, then go ahead. Deprive yourself. If you keep on doing that, your skin won’t be able to relax. You said you are 30, right? Well, don’t sleep enough and you’d look 10 years older.
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Barbara Watson loves to take care of her skin. She wants everyone to enjoy their youthful glow. Hence, she provides the most practical tips to achieve the best skin. Just so you know, Barbara is also a writer for apex rx site. This is a great source if you want to purchase medicines without leaving your comfortable couch.