How Is The New Bwin Betting App?

Bwin Sport offers one of the most fascinating betting apps of the world, with a number of interesting features and a user-friendly interface, enhancing your chances of winning a lot of money. Betting on sports is surely an extremely interesting activity which allows you to take deeper interest in a game and also tests your knowledge and understanding of a sport, although no one can deny the luck factor in betting. Over the last few years, betting has become a popular method of making money over the internet and the app introduced by Bwin has surely made things ever more convenient for sports lovers.

If you are looking for a betting app then this is just the perfect choice for you due to a number of different reasons. Let’s have a look at some of the appealing features of this app:

Caters a Huge Audience

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of this app is that it caters to a huge audience. You can download this app on your iOS devices, Android devices, BlackBerry phones or Windows Phone. If English is not your native language, the app gives you options of many other languages like Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Registration & Incentive

As soon as you download the app and register yourself with Bwin, you can place a free bet of up to £20. It needs to be remembered that you do not have to register to use the app but you will have to do that in order to place bets and to enjoy the complete range of options. Without registration, you can enjoy the latest authentic updates, live scores and odds of the upcoming matches.

Multiple Bets

If you are interested in multiple sports, or two or more matches are taking place at the same day, you can place bets on all of those through the app. So if you follow leagues or tournaments where schedules are very tight or you do not limit yourself to just one sport, this is just an ideal app for you.

Live Updates

A beginner may not understand the importance of live updates in sports betting but experienced bettors know how crucial this factor is. The Bwin sports app offers authentic news about injuries or team changes, which helps users to predict the winner.


The Bwin sports app keeps you updated about the latest odds and helps you pick the favorite team before you put your hard earned money on a game.


The app works fine with all smartphones and tablets but experts believe that it is at its very best on iPhone. The app is very easy to use and you can navigate different pages without much of a fuss.