Promoting Your Blog: Creative Ways to Increase Traffic

If you’ve started your own blog, hopefully you’re a creative person to begin with. People don’t tend to want to hear things that they can find somewhere else. But it can be hard to reach the masses with your unique ideas because there’s just so many blogs and writers already out there. It can be tempting to go the old-fashioned route and pay to place your links all over the Internet. But with a few special touches, you’re likely to see an increase in traffic.

  • Promotional Materials – You may not think of physical promotional materials when you think of blogs because they exist in the online realm. But with the right design and logo, you can create a viral experience for your site. Choose a name, logo and slogan that are catchy and universal, meaning people can enjoy the name whether or not they read your blog. Get in touch with a customizable printing team like the London t-shirt printing company and order some shirts and accessories to sell on your website. If you make them reasonably priced and your designs are catchy enough, you’ll likely see your name all over town. With a memorable enough name, your blog will see visits from people who hop on the computer and think back to that quirky name they remember seeing.
  • Pinterest – If you’re using a blogging platform that allows you to easily add buttons for social media, be sure to add a button for Pinterest and get yourself started. Pinterest is wonderful for a variety of different topics, but how-to subjects and unique ideas are especially useful on this site. Don’t wait for others to start pinning your materials before you start pinning your own and be sure to choose descriptions and graphics that are catchy and informative.
  • LinkedIn – If you have a LinkedIn profile, take advantage of it. Whether you’re doing your blogging as a part-time gig or it has become your full-time work, add links to your blogs so that your current and prospective colleagues can take a peek at it. This works even better if your blog is already in a field that you’re working in (say if you have a technology blog and you work in the tech industry), but if your blog is more universal, include it too. The only time you should avoid including it is if you’re putting some risqué material into your blog, in which case avoid telling your colleagues about it at all.

There’s no magic way to increase traffic to your blog if the writing you’re doing isn’t worth reading. Take the time to really evaluate your work, checking it for spelling and grammatical errors because your readers will lose interest if they realize that you’ve only thrown your work together. But try to step out of the box when trying to get visitors to your page because doing the same thing as every other blog out there will only make you a small fish in a huge pond.