Have Internet, Will Travel

Whether you’re a blogger and you depend on internet access or you just love surfing online, it’s important to know the different ways you can access the internet while traveling. Certain things need to be considered whenever you take a trip, if you depend on internet access to do your job, but there are also ways to make sure you gain access, even if your hotel doesn’t offer it.
Of course, you’re not going to take your large desktop PC on the road with you, so you will need a laptop or tablet. You will also need a wireless Internet card to access the web from a laptop. Some of the cards plug directly into your USB port and some computers are made with one already installed. Check with your internet provider before you hit the road, to find out if you need one.
Four Easy Ways to Access the Internet While Traveling
1.  Hotel Wireless Internet
Probably the easiest way to make sure you gain access to the internet, while traveling, is through your hotel. When booking your hotel, make sure they offer wireless internet and make sure to read the reviews. Some hotels list it as an amenity; however, it hasn’t worked in months. Check the most recent reviews just to make sure you will have access to the internet in your hotel.
2.  Airport Memberships
Not all airports offer free internet access and the ones that do, may only give you 30 minutes or an hour free of charge. However, with the right membership, (Boingo is one of the most popular), you can gain full access to the internet while waiting for your flight. This comes in handy whenever you’re stuck on a delay or layover.
3. Mobile Broadband Access
With a mobile broadband internet plan, you won’t need to depend on hotels to provide you with internet access. Usually, these plans come with a USB modem and many countries offer prepaid plans without a contract. As long as you can get cellular services from a signal tower, you will be able to get internet access. This is one of the best options if you travel overseas.
4.  Internet Cafes/Coffee Shops
Just about every coffee shop offers wireless internet access and many other restaurants and bars will offer access, as well. If you’re traveling and you’re struggling to find access, you can usually find a business close by offering access to customers. Just enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, while you get the access you need.
You have plenty of options to get online, no matter where you are. Whether you’re in another country or just a few states away, there’s always a way to gain internet access. Make sure you’re prepared ahead of time and you give yourself both a primary and a secondary option, just in case.