Great Ways to Boost Your Income

Since the economic downturn took control of our lives, forcing us to tighten our belts and cut down on the luxury expenditures such as holidays, brand new cars and the latest gadgets on their release dates; we’ve been forced to find alternative methods of raising money for the essential things in life so that we can afford to treat ourselves now and again.
A lot of employers have been making compulsory redundancies, letting staff members go to reduce their costs and this has proven to be a huge issue for thousands, if not millions of people. That guaranteed income that was once there to help us pay the utility bills, keep up with the mortgage payments and to make sure that we can pay the monthly outgoings – the car finance, family shop, mobile phone bills, fuel and alike – has been taken away so it is now a case of a lot of head scratching and number crunching to make ends meet, coming up with different ways to make money from having to sell your structured settlement payment to quick online sales of your beloved possessions.
One great way of making some quick, easy money is to sell off your old tech. We’ve all got drawers full of old mobile phones, computer games and shelves jam-packed with CDs we just don’t listen to anymore, (or at least not when other people are around!) In today’s market, there is great demand for your old gadgets to sell on to people looking for used devices, such as smartphones, cameras, iPods and games consoles; while other sites will give you often substantial sums of money to recycle your unwanted items for you – just be sure to shop around to get the best price.
Online auction sites are another great place to make some easy money. If you’ve got wardrobes full of nearly new clothes that you’ve changed your mind about or maybe they don’t fit you any more, then you could advertise them on sites such as eBay and see if people who could find a use for them would be interested in purchasing from you. You can sell just about anything from tracksuit bottoms to tractors on online auction sites so it’s definitely worth a look.
If you’re something of a creative person, spending your time writing, drawing, painting or snapping great images, then try selling what you can produce. You can either sell your services as a freelance writer, photographer or artist producing what people are asking you for, or you could sell some of your creations that were done as a hobby or pastime and, you never know, turn it into a full-time career.