Starting out on the Golf Course

For the uninitiated, golf can seem like a mysterious sport. However, it is a great game for people of all ages and you do not necessarily need to be fit when you start playing (you’ll get fitter!).
Don’t think that the best way to get into golf is to go and buy an expensive set of clubs. The below tips, courtesy of Betfair, should give you some guidance on how to get the most out of golf.

Short game before long game

If you go straight to playing the long game with woods and irons you may find time on the course frustrating. Learn how to chip and putt before you start playing full rounds, otherwise you’ll end up getting frustrated with the amount of strokes it takes to get around the course.

Practice at the driving range

Although golf is something both men and women old and young can learn to play and get better at, it takes practice to get really good –  and lots of it. Fans of online golf betting will note that the pros often start at a very young age. Go to a practice range for a number of months before letting yourself loose on a golf course.

Read up on golf

Don’t expect to magically know how to play golf. It’s good to read golfing magazines, and watch online tutorials to understand the different shots and how to master them. Of course, you could also pay for lessons but a bit of DIY tutoring will allow you to find out how interested you really are before you start to pay out for golf lessons.

Practice makes perfect

In order to get good at a sport, you have to put the hours into practice, but don’t leave long gaps between each practice session. Do it regularly by playing for an hour a week and you can add to the progress you made last time, rather than losing the momentum.

Find a golf buddy

If you know someone who already plays golf, this can really help you at the early stages. You’ll learn a lot from watching how an experienced golfer plays. They’ll also be able to pass on playing tips that might take you much longer to figure out alone.