A Guide to Company Registration UK

Company registration is the final and decisive stage in the formation of a company in the United Kingdom. This process will ultimately authorise and incorporate your business as a legal entity, and permit you to sell your products or services to the public and other organisations. If this is the first time you have started a new business, it can appear to be a challenging and daunting step. You may think it is a minefield to be negotiated. However, it can be completely straightforward and hassle free if you approach it properly. The following is a guide to company registration UK.


Ensure you have carried out all the necessary preparations for the start-up of your new business. These include:

  • Writing a credible and convincing business plan to guide your business into the future.  Set clear objectives and a strategy for the growth of your business. Include a financial plan, executive and business summary and marketing strategy. This document can be your friend into the future and can also help you acquire investment or loans
  • Securing investment funds to cover start-up and for the short term future, if necessary
  • Carrying out thorough market research on the desirability and need for your products or services by your target market and demographic
  • Marketing your commodities via your website, social media and other channels
  • Securing business premises, suppliers and staff, if necessary.

Choosing a company registration agent

Most entrepreneurs these days choose to register their business using a company formations organisation. You should begin by searching the internet. There are many companies ready and willing to help you with the process. However, it is important to find one who can assist your particular business. It should have a well-structured website with comprehensive and easy to follow information. The best company registration agents will have a range of packages to choose from, comprising basic packs through to complete business packs. Look for sections containing frequently asked questions (FAQs) and customer feedback to further influence your decision. Services such as opening a business bank account for you and an accountancy consultant service can be useful for a first time business start-up. When you have completed the company registration UK process, the leading agents will offer post-incorporation services to support your business into the future.

The company registration process

When you have completed your preparations, you can start the process of company registration. You must have all the relevant information available in order to complete the obligatory forms. This includes your company name, registered office address and full details of directors and shareholders. On completion and verification of the documentation, your company formations agent will submit the information on your behalf. Typically, within a few hours, you will receive electronic confirmation of successful registration and the following documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Share Certificates for all your shareholders.

Keep these documents safe as they are the evidence that your new company is legally registered.

You are now free to start trading. The hard work begins, but all being well, so does the satisfaction and profitability of operating your new venture.

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