The Perfect Gift To Give For A 20th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries mark the milestone in a couple’s marriage,  they are a joyous occasion where they celebrate how far they have come and their continued promise to dedicate their lives to each other. On these days, there is gift etiquette which follows a long standing tradition where the husband crowned his wife with silver and gold wreaths, to make their marriage of 25 and 50 years. This Medieval German tradition has long since evolved and became more commercial in the 20th century. Each year has a respective gift, for example 1st year is paper, 2nd is cotton, 3rd is leather and so forth.  For this blog, we will look at the 20th anniversary, which is often the main one for most couples.
Personalised gifts

People always appreciate the “Him and Her” gift sets, whether it is towels, or mugs. If they are for your arents “Mum and Dad” is always a nice gesture. While these are more traditional gifts for a wedding, it is still always nice to have gifts with names on.
A holiday away

Especially if they have had children, a married couple may not have had time for themselves since the honeymoon. Since the 20th is a big milestone, give them something to remember their anniversary by. Arrange a holiday for them so they can get away from all the stress and frustration of everyday life, even for a few days.
Be more traditional

Traditionally, on the 20th anniversary, a couple should receive china as a gift. This is probably the most precious gift as you can give them something that will last for years and they can hand down along the family. Many providers of bespoke fine bone china can offer sets such as dinnerware pieces, all handcrafted and painted. They can be used for future occasions such as dinner parties, or perhaps for their children’s eventual weddings?


The emerald is considered the gemstone that represents the couples 20th year together. For the lady, you should look into emerald jewellery such as ring or bracelets and for the man, perhaps some emerald cufflinks or a green tie? Like the china, this is the traditional route to go down. Speak to jewellers about the best option as it can often be expensive. Platinum is also considered another traditional gift, so anything earrings to bracelets and rings will be suitable.

Arrange to have their vows renewed

You might have to converse with the husband on this one. Allow them to renew their wedding vows, get them to write down how they feel about one another, even after 20 years and is a romantic way to start the next 20 years. It is an excellent way for them to celebrate their 20 years together.

Following some of these tips will be able to assist you in deciding what to do to help the couple celebrate their 20th anniversary. Give them something to remember it by and start them on their way to a happy future together.

Harry Price lives on the south, in a small costal village with his wife and 3 dogs.  They all love nothing more than taking long walks along the shore, especially on a windy day.