Which International Destination Holds The Best Job Prospects?

Is your future career playing on your mind and has a move abroad already crossed your mind,
the question really is is the grass always greener on the other side (of the world)?
Working abroad in an international job can be a great way to fast track your career;
if you are working abroad it sets you apart as a driven creative business mind.
As business becomes more and more global, so should you but there are many factors to consider.
For example if you’re a plastic surgeon, you’re likely to go somewhere where there is a demand for your work; welcome to Miami.
And then there is the lifestyle choice that will dictate your decision to work in an international career,
if you’re single it may be easier to move and adapt quickly, but if you have a family you will need to relocate your whole family as well.
If you are lucky enough to work for a larger company you’re more likely to get more help with things such as paperwork – working visas, accommodation – and settling in.
But, how do you go about choosing the best destination to work in and the right future path for your international career?
Here are some of the best places to relocate for work:



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Canada has an employee shortage in some really exciting industries, including the up and coming Gaming sector.
If you want to get into this industry and work your way up quickly with a view to moving to one of the other Gaming hubs of the world,
this is a great place to start! There are also tax breaks in the first year of work for newcomers.

Australia/New Zealand


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It’s almost a straight swap of young people on working visas between Australia/New Zealand and Britain and vice versa.
There seems to be an unwritten exchange program for bar workers!
This is with good reason – the scenery and pace are totally different and those looking for a relaxed approach to life and casual work will find rural Australasia a dream come true,
whilst coming to the UK can offer alternative working sectors to those ‘Down Under’.
The growth in recruitment operations are also growing in these destinations,
many recruitment companies have set up shop there and for the more competitive generation who are looking for a commission based job,
this may be the place to go for the more demanding but relaxed lifestyle job.



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Skilled workers, especially in the service industries are really sought after given so many companies outsourcing customer service centres there.
They might not pay as well as Western countries, but the cost of living in India and South East Asia in general is so low that this evens out nicely.
You will want to secure work before you go out there. You may find yourself in a higher level job if you have prior experience.



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Switzerland has an unemployment rate of about 3.1% at the moment, so there is less competition for work there.
The cost of living is very high so be prepared to adjust your way of life and expectations accordingly.
The country is, of course, famous for banking and chocolate, but anyone with a chemistry or electrical engineering background will do well too.



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Currently enjoying rapid growth in its economy, Brazil is getting foreign investors and wanting foreign workers.
Sectors such as mining, agriculture, IT and engineering are crying out for workers.
Visas can be tricky to get, but if get to work in the country, you can enjoy the 30 days’ mandatory holiday a year!



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Germans work an average of 27.8 hours a week and still retain a high standard of living.
Their strong economy defies the global recession and there are plenty of jobs to go round.
The cost of living isn’t as bad as say, living in London. There are no working visa restrictions to worry about either.
Choose where you search wisely though – Bavaria has the most jobs available.



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Singapore is safe, clean and the people are really friendly – it’s a real melting pot of cultures.
They rely on the annual influx of international graduates to fill IT and specialist roles as they don’t have enough students in these areas to fill the roles.
Tax is low and there’s no need to learn a new language as English is so widely spoken, being a former British colony.
As you can see there are many opportunities worldwide and each destination can help build up your career in international work.

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Author: Jenny Beswick wrote this article and has worked in an international Engineering Job.
There are many international careers available, so keep a look out for your next move!