What You Need To Know For Pool Parties

Even though summer may be unofficially over, there is still plenty of hot weahther left and can be the perfect  way to make sure your summer goes out with a bang when summer officially ends.


There are several different creative themes you can utilize to get your guests into the party spirit. Since it’s a pool party, any décor related to a beach or tropical feel will add to the ambiance. Tiki torches and hurricane lamps provide a festive touch while adding additional lighting. You can also buy torches with particular scents, such as citronella, to keep the bugs away. It may be months before people can bury their toes in the sand, so why not celebrate with one last bonfire? If you have the space and legal permits for a bonfire, don’t forget the s’mores!
Your theme can include having people wear a specific color. You can also do the reverse and ask that everyone wear black since it also signifies the “death” of summer. It may be difficult to create an entirely monochromatic ensemble, but you can ask that everyone wears at least one item of clothing to match the theme.


If you are hosting a pool party, most of your activities should be focused around this feature. While many people may just want to float in the pool or soak up the sun, you can organize several different types of games to serve as ice-breakers. If you have new-comers or wall-flowers, these activities provide a fun way for them to come out of their shell and get to know everyone.
Some of the most common games are water versions of popular sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, or even baseball. You will need a lot of people to form two teams and will need a few props which can be purchased in the toy or recreation section of any department store (ball, net, inflatable bat, etc.).
Food is also an important element of any party, so you should at least have snacks and beverages if you aren’t having an all-out barbecue. Make sure you set the tables up in a safe area, away from the pool; you want to make sure the food doesn’t get soggy or end up in the pool. If you decide to throw a barbecue, there are always a few enthusiasts who are more than willing to dedicate themselves as the grill-master for your party. You can usually trust grilling enthusiasts to deliver amazing food and it means you have one less task to worry about as hostess.

Pool Safety

Pool parties can be a lot of fun, but you need to establish a few rules to ensure that no one gets hurt during your party. Making sure your pool is clean and you have the right pool equipment ahead of time is a good idea. Provided below are a few rules that will keep all your guests safe:

  • No Glass.

It is inevitable that someone will drop a bottle or cup at some point, and you don’t want broken glass if people are running around barefoot. If people take glass into the pool, it can be even more difficult to find and cause damage to the filtration system.  It is better to use aluminum cans and plastic cups to avoid these potential problems.

  • Safe Pool Toys.

Arm-floaties and certain types of rafts don’t keep your head above water and obscure the view under water, which can be extremely dangerous. It is better to have pool noodles for the adults and life-jackets for the children.

  • Standard Pool Rules.

We all remember the posted rules at the public pool: no running, no diving in the shallow end, no pushing, and no dunking. Horseplay can be dangerous for those who are not strong swimmers, so you want to remind your guests of these basic rules. You can also print these rules to post during the party and include them with your invitations as a reminder.
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Written by Thomas Sr. Manager, Operations of Pool Guy Supply. He has been working in the pool industry since he could drive at age 15.