Fitness For Those Blessed With Age

Fitness For Those Blessed With Age

Thanks to television, the internet and other media sources, when we encounter information pertaining to fitness and body image the message often promotes being in insanely good shape. This message is unrealistic because, let’s be real, not everyone wants to look like the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also, much of this fitness information overlooks those more sensitive to working out – like seniors! We all know that tissues lose their elasticity and ability to repair themselves as we age, however, a healthy diet and regular exercise improves tissue longevity. Although the glory years of being able to run a mile in under 5 minutes might have passed, you can still keep your body in good health. You just need to figure out what’s right for you and stick with it.

Because American College of Sports Medicine suggests practicing 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise 5 times a week, making a strong commitment might be challenging. And, if you’re in your elder years, choosing an appropriate exercise or fitness modality can prove even more difficult. For instance, running – one of the most popular forms of exercise – might not be possible due to the way it impacts the ankles, knees, hips and vertebrae. But running also extends into other exercises and sporting activities.

Let’s take a closer look at a few options for people who want to avoid injury caused by high-impact exercises.

Stationary Exercise Bikes

The stationary exercise bike has been around for decades and is a popular staple of any commercial gym. Stationary exercise bikes are wonderful machines for active seniors because of their overall functionality and usability. Although the workout itself might be uncomfortable, who says you can’t push yourself while sitting down? Many newer models come equipped with a variety of technical specs, big cushy seats and variable resistance settings. These machines are great for people who want to avoid high impact training because the pedaling motion does not send reverberating shockwaves up the users leg. Real smooth! Plus, you can plop your bike down in front of the television and go. As a whole, stationary exercise bikes are highly recommended for those with joint problems and for rehabilitation purposes.

Elliptical Trainers / Machines

Elliptical trainers are fantastic tools that allows exercisers to engage in high intensity, low impact workouts while supporting their entire body weight.  Because of this, the exerciser activates their large muscle groups: quads, hamstrings and back muscles. Personal trainers and other fitness experts know that large muscle group activation is necessary to maintain muscular strength and endurance. For a deeper burn, the user should grab on to the moving handles. Moving handles force the biceps, triceps and back muscles to work together. Also, just like the stationary exercise bike, many newer models of elliptical machines – like those manufactured by LiveStrong Fitness – come equipped with interactive technology so the user can track progress and set goals.

Other great exercises that are easy on the joints and great for senior citizens include walking, water jogging, Yoga and Pilates. Always consult with a doctor before engaging in any strenuous workout routines.

A California-based Certified Personal Trainer, Victor Surma is helping out people against obesity. He is located in Venice Beach, California and is working hard to provide people a healthy lifestyle.