The Top Purchases That Will Help You To Make High Quality Images

If you run a small business, or you just enjoy art and design, then there’s a good chance that you’ll occasionally want to print out some of your creations and designs so that you can show off your work or use it for marketing purposes.
However talented you are at design though, you will still need to have the right tools to work with if you’re going to create the best work.
Here then, we’ll look at some of the purchases that will help you to do just that and that will really let your designs sing.
Graphics Tablet
A graphics tablet is a tablet that plugs into your computer and allows you to draw directly onto it as you would drawing on paper.
This then allows you to create designs in a much more intuitive way and to gain much tighter control over the details than you could with a mouse.
Most professional designers own something like this, and it can really liberate your design.
Slate Computer
Alternatively, you could always look into getting a hybrid computer such as the Surface Pro, or the Sony Duo 11,
which comes with a pressure sensitive digitizer pen allowing you to draw directly onto the screen.
This is particularly useful, as it allows you to rest the machine right on your lap and draw as you would with a pad and paper.
If you also carry a bag with you to store it in, then you can quickly put your ideas down whenever inspiration strikes.
The quality of your final product is going to be largely determined by your printer – even if your image is vibrant and high definition not every printer will be able to capture this.
Invest in a good quality printer then, but also make sure you supply it with high quality glossy paper and that you get the right toners too.
There are a number of software packages that are great for designers and businesses that need to create designs, but there are three which I particularly highly recommend. Those are:
Adobe Illustrator: For creating logos and outlining designs, illustrator is a fantastic tool that is much more precise and high definition than most ‘paint’ programs.
Adobe PhotoShop: PhotoShop is the photo editing suit that everyone knows and for good reason. If you want to airbrush a photo, or add some swanky effects to your logo design, then PhotoShop has you covered and has the most features (though Gimp is a good free alternative).
Sketchbook Pro: If you’re less into business designs and more into art and drawing, then Sketchbook Pro may be more up your alley, allowing you to create beautiful paintings and digital drawings worthy of Disney or Marvel.
A Notepad
No, I don’t mean a notepad computer, I mean an actual notepad.
For jotting down ideas and for taking notes while you make your designs, this is a fantastic aid and one that shouldn’t be overlooked in favour of modern technology.
This post was contributed by Gerard Hines; he works for, a quality printer accessories store.
He likes to write articles on topics that interest him, especially gadgets and technology.