How To Ensure Women’s Safety In India

How To Ensure Women's Safety In India

Self-defense today is extremely important for every woman as it ensures her safety and well being. Women today are self-dependent and they need to go out for several reasons such as working, shopping, traveling, picking or dropping children from and to school, including a host of other reasons.

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While we stay in the society that boasts about gender equality, crime rates against women are also increasing day by day. It becomes extremely important for the women in such situations, to learn women self defense tricks and protect themselves in case of danger.

Other than the self-defense tricks, there are many self-defense products available in the market which can help ladies safeguard themselves:

  • Self-defense pepper spray is becoming quite popular and the use of these sprays has also been legalized. You can attack with these sprays at the attacker’s eyes and handicap them temporarily and save yourself.
  • Another self-defense tool for women is the ‘Spy Mobile Stun Gun’ which creates high voltage ray and ensures the protection of women from any danger or threat.
  • Another product which is becoming quite popular is the ‘Lipstick Shaped 2-in-1 Device’ with the flashlight. The device is sized 5 inches only and it is portable and unique and highly effective for women safety. Due to its size and looks, the attacker can never imagine if you are operating an actual lipstick or if it is some self-defense tool for your safety.
  • While there are many devices and tools that are gaining popularity, pepper spray remains one of the most preferred safety gadgets for women due to their efficiency, portability and operational convenience. These sprays quickly and effectively disable the assailant or hazardous animals allowing you to escape from unsafe situations. While women use these devices the most, it is equally effective for the men too.
  • The sprinkling of Pepper spray helps you keep your attacker away and it is quite simple and quick to operate as well as easy to carry. The spray causes extreme irritation, acute sneezing, coughing and exasperation of nose, face and throat while producing inflammatory and non-toxic gas.
  • You must, however, know the rules of operating it and maintain a safe distance while you are spraying the pepper at anyone. If by chance, you happen to come in contact with the spray, rinse the area with plenty of water.

The sales of safety devices, especially the pepper spray have surprisingly increased. Various women are considering downloading apps that enable them seeking help in case of any danger. Women’s safety in India can only be ensured if women are self-determined to protect themselves in any situation.