Designer Dog Accessories Offer Style and Confidence for Any Dog

Every pet owner wants the best and most chic accessories for their dogs whenever they going out for a stroll or any special event. Whether you own a large or small dog, there are various accessories you can choose and use to mix and match an outfit for your Fido. You may think only small dogs can be embellished, prepare to be surprised by all the great accessories you can find for dogs of all sizes.
One accessory you can use is the Dog hair bows. They are functional adornments that are available in lots of designs, sizes and colors. If you want to style your German shepherd with a bow, go right ahead!
Who says you can’t accessorize the bell rings? Bell rings are usually used to train your dogs but with its several kinds of styles it have, this training equipment can also be a fashion statement.
Invited to walk down in the aisle for your friend’s wedding? Style your pooches by getting him a bow tie or necktie wedding collar. They are perfect for types of dogs who are not comfortable wearing a real dog clothes. These accessories come in all sizes and colors so your dog can be the “best man” at your special moment.
Stylish belts are designed to be pretty and resistant. Whether you want to deck your canine out in polka dots or find a cool tough guy harness for your Chihuahua there are dashing harnesses available to suit every style and every dog.
The most common and famous type of accessories are the collars and leashes. They can be found and available in hundreds of colors, prints, styles, designs and materials for your dog. Think about a jeweled pink dainty collar for your charming Pekinese or a sturdy leather collar with matching skull printed leash for your Doberman
Dog boots and shoes are not just for special shows and events. These accessories serve to keep your dog’s feet warm and dry in bad weather. They also help cut down on cleanup for you when you return indoors. You simply remove your dog boots at the door and you don’t have to wash or dry muddy feet, or mop up paw prints. In addition, there are shoes for indoor use that keep your dog’s claws from scratching the floor or people.
If you haven’t yet started styling and accessorizing your pet dogs, it’s time to start! There so many designs and options you can choose from to make an everyday unique outlook for them. Also, don’t neglect the use of dog goggles and dog sunglasses because they too can create a cute and sporty look. offers designer dog clothes and dog accessories for pet parents who truly want high style for their fur baby. Our luxury pet boutique products will make your fur baby the envy of the canine fashion world. FunnyFur is by far the site today.