Gross Jobs That No One Wants

When an employer pays very well, some people will do whatever it takes to earn all that money. However, what are the gross jobs that no one actually wants to do?

  • Garbage Men

Who actually enjoys taking the trash out to the curb- not many people! Garbage men have to deal hands-on with the disgusting, rotting food and dirty diapers in your trash can. They do not get a “Thank you!” every time they come to your house to empty your waste, now do they? Yes, they may complain 85% of each day, but who would rejoice about cleaning up other people’s trash? Aside from being a gross job, this is actually a very dangerous job as well.
With all of our society’s angry, distracted drivers on the road, garbage men have to be very careful, even on small neighborhood roads. Many impatient drivers get very angry when they are behind a trash truck because trash trucks obviously make several stops. In turn, the impatient driver swerves around the truck, which results in many accidents involving a garbage man himself.
Garbage men do not only deal with nasty, smell trash and angry drivers, they also have to deal with nature. Garbage men work in rain, snow, sleet, and extreme heat, which always make trash smell worse. Even though the hours are long, the job is dangerous and stinky; these people really bring home the bread. In addition, these jobs are high-demand jobs.

  • Portable Toilet Cleaner

This job is a mixture of a garbage man and a GI doctor; however more gross than the two combined. No one ever wants to use a portable toilet because of how disgusting it is! These poor workers have to use a tank and a vacuum wand to suck up all of the waste that is down inside the portable toilet.
In addition, they have to wash down any surfaces that maybe soiled, which includes the walls. It takes only a few minutes to clean a portable toilet; however, workers normally clean around 60 in one day. In addition, the portable toilets that tip over require more damage control, which tends to take longer. However, bringing home $50,000 per year just does not seem like enough money for that type of job.

  • Sewer Inspector

Walking and crawling through strangers’ waste, rats, roaches, and occasionally a corpse is not something everyone is willing to do. Many people do not realize that once they flush the toilet and say “goodbye” to their waste, someone else under our city in our sewer system is about to say “hello”.
Sewer inspectors are very important because they have to check for cracks, clogs, or other sewage problems. As if walking and crawling in human excrement were not gross enough, some sewer inspector dive and swim through the excrement, which is often where they find the rats and dead bodies.

  • Plumber

This job is not as gross as the plumber is; however, this one is still very disgusting at times. Plumbers are called to a home where there seems to be problems with the sewer lines or other pipes throughout the home. Some of the duties do not even involve messing with the toilet; however, even messing with the pipes under the kitchen sink might break or burst, resulting in rotten food spraying all over the place. This is a dangerous job because a plumber could slip and fall, or hit by a busted pipe (not to mention some pipes are extremely hot, resulting in burns).

  • Crime Scene Cleaner

Being a crime scene cleaner would be difficult in a few ways: Bloody, upsetting, and nerve wracking. Murders and suicides are hard enough when we hear about them on the news; however, what about the person that has to actually see how it happened and clean up all of the blood and whatever else is on the scene.
It would be a very emotional job because sometimes there would be murders or accidents involving children and young adults, car wrecks involving innocent people, etc. this job would be extremely difficult. Not to mention you would have to have a strong stomach to withstand all of the blood (and sometimes guts) that come along with the job.

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