Black Sea: Unwinding at the Best Beaches of Eastern Europe

Romania is bordered by the famous Black Sea in the south eastern part of Europe. The Black Sea stretches along 275 kms from Danube Delta to Bulgarian coast. Other countries that have the Black sea coastline are Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. Romania has fewer beaches but they are nothing less than beautiful. The Bulgarian ancient town of Nessebar is one of the major seashore attractions. Amasra town of Turkey is a popular beach destination. Crowded bay, stripping bathers jumping in the blue sea and travelers washing away their fatigue is what you will notice at any beach. Let us see how the Turkish, Romanians, Bulgarians and other locals wash their worries in these beautiful beaches.

  • Amasra Town: Amasra is a small town located in Turkey and one must not miss the opportunity to visit the pleasant beaches. Amasra is a tiny harbor and used to be a guarded peninsula in earlier times. Amasra Castle, Church Mosque and Bird Monument are the other highlights of this town. The beaches here are salty, cold and one can get decent sunburn at the beach. The landscape on either side of the sea is breathtaking and morning view of the bay is just beautiful. Also sipping tea and relaxing on a deck enjoying the sunset is what most tourists like at Amasra. There are two islands named Büyük ada, meaning Great Island and Tavşan adası, meaning Rabbit Island. Turkish delicacies are served right on the coast and the food board consists of the famous items like fried fish, anchovy stuffed mussels, Turkish salad, bread and Mezgit. The folk music played in many restaurants will cheer up the mood.
  • Nessebar Town: The old town of Nessebar in Bulgaria is a rich heritage town with on seaside front of the Black sea. It is a town that has the most number of churches. Cobbled streets, small markets, stone fences and, wooden and red-brick houses are the most attractive part of this town. The variety of beaches in Nessebar is striking. One will find beaches with rocks and shells, beaches with sand and dunes, beaches with sea grass and jellyfish. The sunny beach offers water sports by some tour companies. Boatrides in decorated motor boats is an enthralling experience. The local food would include Bulgarian recipes such as Banitsa which looks like cheese and meat filo pastry, kufte meaning grounded meat patties, Bulgarian salad and garish meaning a walnut cake with chocolate icing. 
  • Vama Veche: A very calm and peaceful small town of Romania is the town of Vama Veche. A clean and cold beach on the shores of the Black sea is the Constanta beach. The beach is not much crowded with tourists however it is one of the best secluded beaches of Eastern Europe. One can request fishermen to go sailing for exchange of some drinks, of course.  Diving is also possible at this sunny beach. Bars, pubs and restaurants are found in dozens and some of them are open 24/7. Hamsii, the whole fried fish food is widely popular in Vama Veche. One needs to walk to look around the village.

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