Beautiful Eyes Enhanced By Long And Thick Lashes!

Eyes are perceived to be the window of our soul. This window can apparently, also reveal our age. It also reflects our emotions, the tolls a hectic lifestyle is taking on us and the adverse effects of a stressful living. Rejuvenating the eyes can make you look a lot younger because eyes are not used just for communication but also as a description for symbol of youth.
Our eyes bear the brunt of our tech-savvy lifestyles and are often left tired and watery due to over burden on them. We use our eyes everyday continuously for long hours in front of the computer or mobile all day, then for watching television at home and then completing the chores etc. All this takes a toll on these delicate beauties. The pressures of our daily lives make our eyes seem full of fatigue and droopy with dullness. People often face problems of redness and itching in eyes, sunken eyes, under-eye dark circles, puffy eyes etc. Along-with these problems another area that bothers women especially is thin eye-lashes. Though this is not seen as a medical ailment (Apart from terminal patients who lose their hair growth due to side-effects of their therapy) every woman wishes to have long thick lashes that adds another charm to their eyes and makes them look more pretty and expressive when they flutter them quickly.
It is possible to achieve naturally thick lashes with just a few simple steps that can be followed at home. So read more if you wish to enhance the beauty of your eyes further.

  • Eye-Lash Gels for long lengthy lashes: Natural lash gels are made-up of natural products that are chemical free and thus devoid of any irritation or side-effects. These gels help in providing proper nourishment and care to the lashes facilitating them with essential vitamins and minerals that increase the elasticity of cells and give an enviable shine and moisturize the skin sufficiently.
  • Food- intake: Healthy eating habits go a long way in maintaining the wellness of the whole body including the skin, hair and nails. Balance the proteins, vitamins and fiber intake for a perfect equilibrium within the body to promote the absorption of all the nutrients.
  • Less make-up: Staying away from heavy eye-makeup especially the eye-lash curler will do great wonders for the natural growth of your eyelashes. Generally, we lose approximately 4 eyelashes per day naturally, so why indulge artificially in making our lashes dry and brittle by using chemicals in eye-shadows, mascara’s and curlers that make them fall.
  • Moisturize with Petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly is a key ingredient used in moisturizing the eye-lashes and it has astonishing results. By using an eye-lash comb you can spread the jelly and your eyes will feel rehydrated with moisture.
  • Olive or Castor Oil massage: Castor oil is known to promote hair growth and olive oil is an essential resource of vitamins E that enhances shine and luster of hair. These oils can be mixed together and gently massaged on the eye-lids and lashes to make them stronger, thicker and longer.

By altering your daily routine to accommodate these little tips, you will be a step ahead in achieving longer, shinier, thicker and permanently pretty eye-lashes. It will add extra charm to your eyes making them look more beautiful.
This article is brought to you buy Evelyne Brouwers who often contributes informative articles on behalf of Herbal Place, a website which reviews various natural health products like idol lash.