The Three Top Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs

You may think that hot tubs are just a luxury item you can enjoy every once in a while at the gym or spa, however you couldn’t be more wrong. We’ve teamed up with leading experts, Aqua Warehouse, to take a look at some of the main benefits! Recent studies have shown that not only do they provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience and great way to socialise with friends, but they also provide many health benefits which most people are unaware of. I am going to talk through the three top health benefits which may even make you want to purchase one for your own home or garden.
One common health problem which can be vastly improved with a hot tub is stress. Many people suffer from stress for a number of reasons including work and family issues and it can be harmful t o your health leading to other issues. The warm water of the hot tub has been proven to balance the nervous system by encouraging the release of a hormone, dopamine. Just a few minutes a day spent in a hot tub can help lead to a happy and healthier life.
Insomnia is another health problem which can be improved. It can in fact be caused by stress so you can combat both at the same time. It has been proven that a drop in body temperature can help to ease your body into a deeper sleep, so it is suggested that you soak in a hot tub around 90 minutes before bed time.
If you do a lot of exercise, hot tubs are great for muscle pain relief. Warm water engulfs the body and loses muscle tightness, and the pressurised water jets apply more direct pressure to a tense or painful muscle.
There are many other health problems which hot tubs can help to improve, however they can also just to help improve your general well-being. They are worth every penny if you decide to purchase one for your own home and with the huge amount of hot tub dealers on the market you are guaranteed to find a great offer.