Tips To Help You Select The Right New Vehicle

The car market is full of hundreds of latest models, and choosing a perfect one can be quite tricky for new buyers if few things are not sorted.

Smart buyers are concerned about factors like daily transport requirement, safety, comfort, fuel economy, and the price of the car to be purchased.

However, there are impulsive buyers as well who are solely driven by looks or performance.

A right choice could be a car that fulfills your requirement and with which you can feel an instant connect.

Introspection over following question can help you decide the right new vehicle for yourself.

What type of Car meets My Requirement?

Considering the models and body styles available on the market, you need to make a decision over the body style of the car at the outset.


Coupes/Convertibles are best suited for those who want to make style statement.

They are expressive models but a restrained access to back seat hinders their practicality.


For those with big family or kids, four doors suit their requirement. Though the kids can manage to comfortably sit in the back of a coupe,

it is still difficult for kids to climb in and out to reach the back seat in a two doors car.


For getting SUV like space and fuel economy of heavy vehicles, the hatchbacks are good choice.

They add another door to SUVs, making a total five doors and are highly fuel-efficient.

There are number of stylish designs available in hatchbacks with sleek roof model so consumers have ample choice.

Station Wagons

Though the reputation of the station wagons is worst, some changes in its style are being expected.

Wagons nonetheless provide good features like those in SUVs and crossovers besides they offer more cargo space and fuel efficiency.


The high seating position, good visibility, fuel economy and spacious interiors of the SUVs make them the most enjoyable vehicles for many people.
Further the entry and exit can be easily made, which most of the other models do not provide. However, SUVs have their downsides as well.
These include low fuel economy and reduced stability because of the heavy weight of the vehicle.


The minivan is the perfect vehicle for family, as it can accommodate 6 to 8 passengers easily and has more space for cargo when compared to crossovers or SUVs.

These days, some sophisticated minivans are available that offer driving pleasure as well.

What should be the ideal Size of Car?

It is good to start with small cars. Do away with the myth that larger vehicles are safer than smaller ones.

Lighter cars are more nimble and are easy to steer than the heavier ones so small cars in fact help you avoid collision in the first place.

Besides, buying small cars doesn’t mean compromising with space; the latest small car models are much more spacious and stylish with easy to reach back seats.

Does All-wheel Car meet My Requirement?

For wintry climes, all-wheel drive is considered as safe feature but it doesn’t give ability to maneuver easily.

Most drivers don’t know how a set of winter tires can bring difference to their requirement and they look for all-wheel drive cars, which have negative effects on fuel efficiency.

What should be the ideal Engine Power of the Car?

Average car drivers don’t utilize full throttle. Those who use it are mostly truck drivers as they carry heavy loads and require lots of engine power.

Normal car drivers just need the right engine power that can provide them a comfortable ride. Also, bigger engine diminishes fuel economy.

So decide your preference when deciding on the required engine power.

Which is best Suited for My Requirement- Hybrid or Diesels?

Depending on the type of driving you do, it is easy to choose between hybrid and diesel.

In general, hybrids use less fuel in and around town, while diesels have good benefits on highways.

Though both ways can extend fuel cost, the driver’s speed and distance covered daily can help in determining the suitable one.

However, in recent times diesel is outpacing the gasoline, and hence it is quiet essential for the drivers to keep an eye on the on diesel prices which are slated to rise in near future.

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