What Are The Best Breast Cancer Treatment Options?

The best treatment for breast cancer will usually depend on the physician as well as the patient. The treatment plan for breast cancer will depend on the type of breast cancer you may have and also at the current stage the cancer is already in.
Normally, a series of medication will be prescribed by the doctor. Chemotherapy or radiation therapy may also be included in the treatment. In some cases, treatment for breast cancer will require
surgery especially on the advanced stages of cancer. Surgery will also become a necessity if the patient didn’t respond to other treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and medications.
The doctor will walk the patient through with the available treatments for breast cancer. With their guidance and their help, you and your doctor will be able to determine what kind of treatment you will respond well with.
Receiving the diagnosis that one has breast cancer can be devastating. Most women, if not all, find it hard to accept their fate. And even after treatment is sought, there is always the fear of recurrence lurking beneath the shadows. Coping with that fear is easy if the patient continues to stay positive, to be open to any kind of treatment, and to seek support from other survivors like her. Here are some ways on how to live with breast cancer.
Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthy food and have a balanced diet always. A dietician can help you plan your daily meals. Eat more vegetables and fruits and avoid fatty food. Studies show that eating red meat increases the risk, however slight. Take vitamins and food supplements daily. Quit smoking and alcohol. Consult your doctor as to what type of exercise you could do. However, do not overdo it. Medication and treatment can make you feel tired right away, so take a lot of rest as well. The goal is to avoid gaining weight. These are all risk factors which increase the risk of recurrence.
See your doctor regularly. He can give you an assessment on your progress as well as your response to treatment and medication. If he sees that a type of medication is not working for you, he may suggest to you other types of medication. Be open to his suggestions.
A treatment plan is not a fixed plan. You can change treatment the moment it does not work for you. What is important is for you to be able to weigh all your options well. You and your doctor could come into terms and agree on what treatment would be most favorable.
Submit yourself to testing as often as necessary. Your doctor should advise you on how often you need to submit yourself to tests to detect possible new tumors.
Learn how to perform breast self-examination. Let your doctor know as soon as you feel any lumps or changes in your breast.
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