A Review on Spy Sweeper

The rise of the internet as not only a place to access and share information, but also a medium through which to conduct business, has posed some serious questions on how secure users can be when accessing the internet. So how safe is it to use the internet? It is as safe as the level of security you utilize on your computer, to keep your system and information secure. Perhaps one of the biggest threats faced by internet users is threat posed by spyware software, which are “pirate” programs installed on users machines, without their knowledge or authority. Once installed, the program will seek to collect information keyed in through that computer terminal without the user’s knowledge. That is why it is important to install anti-spyware software on your computer, such as spy sweeper.

With an effective anti-spyware software, no longer will you have to worry about potentials threats, when you download files or “surf the web”. But with the plethora of anti-spyware programs available in the market today, what is it about spy sweeper that makes it truly exceptional:

User friendliness:
this program is designed mostly for home use, and as such it has a very simple installation process. The user interface is also very easy to understand, with clearly demarcated icons and tabs. They are various setting which the user has access to, which dictate the level and type of security settings they want on their computer. For instance, you can select to perform scans manually or automatically on your computer.

Effective spyware detection:
since computer “hackers” are constantly developing new spyware types to gain access to your computer, spy sweeper is constantly updated on the latest threats and how to combat them.  It is designed to run undetected by incoming spyware threats, which makes it a lot more effective at preventing attacks.

Effect of performance on computer system:
anti-spyware software will often put a computer processor to task heavily, resulting in a slowdown of other computer functions and programs. With spy sweeper, we found it to be exceptionally accommodating, especially when running on computer systems with a decent processor and over 2GB of RAM.  We did a couple of tests and found the average periods for a full scan will take around 10 to 15 minutes, and there was hardly any noticeable slowdown.

Spy sweeper is an effective anti spyware program and with prices starting at roughly 20$, it does offer exceptional value for money.