4 Ways To Resurface Your Pool Deck

If you’re tired of your plain old pool deck, you can resurface it to create a new and interesting look. The weather and constant traffic around the pool will take a toll on the pool deck. Sunshine, rainfall, snow and wind can all affect the surface of the deck. And the constant splashing of water from the pool can lead to erosion. Dark patches of mold, mildew and other microorganisms will cause dark patches and stains on the surface.4 Ways To Resurface Your Pool Deck

Chips, scratches, dark patches and other stains are all indications that it’s time to resurface your pool deck. In most cases, resurfacing is all that’s needed to repair most problems with the deck. And while this might sound complicated, it’s a lot easier than most people think. Certainly, it’s a lot easier than removing and repouring the existing deck. Resurfacing will not disturb the foundation of the deck or pool, so it’s the fastest and most affordable way to repair a damaged deck. Below are four options for resurfacing your pool deck.

Stone Finishes

Stone is a highly durable material, which makes it a perfect solution for your pool deck. During the process, large stones are pressed into a layer of concrete. A stone deck is a simplest and most affordable way to resurface your deck. Apart from durability and cost, you’ll also benefit from the friction it provides, so there’ll be fewer chances for people to slip and fall.

Stamped Concrete Finishes

For a decorative surface that won’t cost a fortune, stamping concrete
is the way to go. This option is popular because of the cost, but it won’t provide the same level of friction offered by stone finishes. Most stamped concrete applications should be installed by professionals since concrete is a difficult medium to work with.

Wooden Finishes

Wood is another option for resurfacing your pool deck. While wood looks good, it is difficult to maintain and also very expensive to repair. To begin with, you need to have a sizable budget to install the deck and the final deck must be treated to waterproof and weatherproof the deck. The wood must also be slip proof to avoid accidents around the pool.

Brick And Tile Finishes

Bricks and tiles have a high friction level and they are also durable, which make them a popular way for resurfacing  pool deck. They are also easy to maintain – simply replace a tile if it’s chipped or broken.

There are many other ways to resurface your pool deck. You’ll need to do your research to determine the options available and choose one that is best for you. Of course, variables such as your budget, climate and size of your pool will also affect your final choice of material.

Whatever medium you use, remember to keep the deck clean to prevent growth of unsightly microorganisms and conduct routine maintenance to extend the life of the deck.

Author Bio

Crystal is a 4th Year Architecture Student studying at WIT. She blogs on construction and real estate topics occasionally in her free time.