Keep Your Phone Charged in Power Outages

Mobile phones have become primary and sometimes the only source of communication with friends, acquaintances, family and other people while other devices like camera, radio and television have become secondary or are incorporated in the phone itself
However during power outages that have become a regular feature in most cities around the globe, these very phones become defunct and useless rendering us useless and cut off from the outside world
Hurricane Sandy has already hurt the Northeast leaving residents without electricity and communication. It is in these circumstances and otherwise also that we realize the importance of staying connected with our loved ones, especially our family
Here are some tools that will allow you to stay connected for some time longer:
Battery Charger
You can use an extra back up charger called juice pack. These juice packs are available for around $100. Juice packs for different makes are available with different brands and some of these can also double up as protective cases for your smart phones and tablets.
You can alternatively look for chargers that use solar energy to charge smart phones and tablets after electric power is gone.
Another great source to charge mobile and smart phones is the car battery. After electricity is gone you can use your car battery and that can fully charge your phone to last as long as electric charge.
Then there are battery powered chargers like the Zagg Sparg that can provide several full charges for your mobile device.
Power Inverter
Power inverters are also a great source to charge smart phones and tablets. Most computer and battery stores have power inverters with different charge levels to charge different gadgets. You can just visit any of these stores and ask an employee about a charger that will fulfill your requirement and charge.
Laptops as Chargers
This is a very simple idea that does not cross your mind easily. During power outages you can use the unused charging left in your laptop or laptops to charge your smart phone or tablets via the USB port.
Stop Running Apps
It is common knowledge that applications consume major chunk of your mobile or tablet charging. Whenever there is a power outage and it is due for long, the first thing that you need to do is to close all applications that you don’t require at the time including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This only will conserve enough energy for your gadget to run for a few more hours.
Use a Battery Life Application
There are several free applications both in Apple iOS and Google that promise to extend the battery life of your gadget significantly.