Unique Venues Experiences Various Digital Successes; How This Benefits Members

Unique Venues, a source of unique event venues, meeting facilities and function rooms in the United States and Canada, has experienced a variety of digital successes this year, directly benefitting members. From its improvement in traffic to building the brand name within the press, Unique Venues has improved their overall digital presence, which directly increases their ability to get more exposure for their member venues.

Digital Work and SEO

The following shows the increase in site visitors in a year to year comparison:
1,736,965 Page Views, July 2014 – June 2015

899,474 Page Views, July 2013 – June 2014

719,861 Site Visits, July 2014 – June 2015

330,607 Site Visits, July 2013 – June 2014

Additionally, Uniquevenues.com has experienced dramatic increases in other web-related traffic.  For example:

  • 27% total traffic increase during current month compared to same month year over year
  • 25% organic traffic increase during current month compared to same month year over year
  • 24% direct increase during current month compared to same month year over year

Six out of the ten most trafficked pages on the site were state, province, and region pages, and these pages list member venues. Site visitors go to specific venues next in high numbers, thus increasing the ability to be seen by these visitors.  SEO keywords also did very well, with 3,781 terms on the top two pages of Google.

Improved Site Quality and Content

Unique Venues has also made it a point to increase the frequency and quality of the blog posts on their website to engage, inform, and educate planners and venues alike.  Blog posts include tips for planning, infographics, meeting activity ideas, the best locations to choose from, and much more. Site quality has also been improved through the creation and revision of both on-site and off-site content, as well as extending the Unique Venues brand. Unique Venues Magazine also offers great articles with insight to visitors and planners looking for more information.

Media Exposure

Unique Venues has released updates and company development in the media as well, keeping their name in the media and sustaining exposure. A few successful press releases include:

  • Unique Venues Spring Magazine is Ready to Rock, Profiling the 7 Mega Stars of the Collegiate Conference Industry
  • Unique Venues Launches Brand-New, User-Friendly Websites for Both American and Canadian Planners
  • Unique Venues Has Biggest Sales Leads in 30 Years, Increasing Overall Number by 75% Over the Course of 2014
  • Unique Venues Summer Magazine is “The Place to Be” With 4 Stories of Planners Finding the Perfect Venue

Overall, Unique Venues’ digital successes this year have benefitted member venues by providing them with more exposure than ever before. Visit Unique Venues here for more information on listing your venue.