Tips For Picking The Right Window Style

Tips For Picking The Right Window Style

Windows can make or break your home’s design.  Whether gazing at your home’s exterior or peering out from within your house windows play a chief role in the overall presentation of your property. Choosing the right style widow requires you to build a clear picture of your ideal home set up.

Imagine your ideal windows. Think size, shape and frame color in mind to find the ideal match. Building a mental picture makes your due diligence job a bit easier in the long run.

Feeling the warmth of sunlight can boost your mood and improve energy efficiency too. How would it feel to drastically cut down on your energy bills? Cutting your heating bills during cold months and air conditioning bills during warm seasons boosts your savings and lowers maintenance costs on your heating and cooling system.

Save yourself legwork by doing extensive due diligence online. You no longer need to drive from show room to show room to sift through options. Use the power of the internet to leverage your time.

Keep these tips in mind to choose the right window style for your home.

Vibe with Your Home’s Architecture

Make sure your new widows resonate with the architectural style of your home. Find a good match. Tudor style homes, Victorian houses, modern style dwellings or contemporary homes all require a different style of window to complement the home. A large, mansion style Tudor would be well outfitted with tall, wide windows which accentuate the stately style of the home.

Think Purpose before Choosing

Do you want to allow more sunlight into your living room? Perhaps you need more ventilation in your kitchen area? Think through the purpose of your window design before making your purchase.  Formal-looking, difficult to open windows may not be the best choices if you plan to open and close these windows frequently in kitchen or dining areas. Heavy windows would be poor alternatives for a sliding door scenario.

Choose the Right Color

Choose a window frame color which matches your home’s décor. Beige homes could match with lighter-style window frames and mullions. Both metal and wood frames are better complemented by windows which have already been colored. If you need to repaint your home check with professional painters to find the most effective exterior paint for frames.

Visualize your home with your new windows. Is the color a good match? Seeing the ideal windows in mind helps you make the right selection for your home.

Are You Thinking Sunlight?

One oft-overlooked aspect of selecting windows is dwelling on the sun’s orientation before picking a style. Where does the sun rise and set in relation to your home? If your home receives more late day sun you may consider fewer windows on the west side of your home. Or if you live in a colder climate you might want to optimize late day sun. Consider adding tall, wide windows to the west side of your home. This allows more sunlight into your house which increases the temperature level in your home. Optimizing the amount of sunlight entering your home reduces energy bills during colder months.