6 Top Foods for Brain Health

We usually see that as the people get older they become unable to remember many things as they use to memorize in their younger age. Because of unhealthy and unbalanced food, it’s a common problem we can see around us. Even in the Middle Age, people used to forget many things or they get unable to remember many things. The age related memory loss can be prevented or delayed by taking the right and proper food. A regular and balanced diet including all nutrition and essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins ensures a sharp memory. There are many sources and food which fulfills essential requirements of body. So, here we are listing “Top Foods for Brain Health”.


Neurotransmitters are formed by Protein or more precisely we can say Protein is the very important component in Neurotransmitters. To improve your mental performance and health protein plays a vital role. Including a Fish in your diet is the best way to fulfill all essential requirements of the body. Study says that deep-sea fish has highest amount of fatty acids and it’s a very good source of nutrition’s. So, Fish comes at first place in our list of “Top Foods for Brain Health”.


Anti-oxidant is an elementary component of body which eliminates the free-radical damages and also prevent from age-related memory loss. Anti-oxidant usually guards the brain cells from any type of trauma, chemicals and other intruders. And the best way to fulfill the requirement of anti-oxidant is by consuming the delicious Blueberries.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and Seeds are packed with all essential fatty acids and proteins which usually help to prevent the age-related memory loss. Try to include nuts and seeds in your diet daily, it will help you to fight from other diseases also. So, Nuts and Seeds acquire the third position in our list of “Top Foods for Brain Health”.

Cruciferous Vegetable

Kids usually avoid eating green vegetables and even, youngsters also avoid consuming this vital source of vitamins. Cauliflower, Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are all rich in essential nutrient for brain health. Choline is responsible for brain health and sharp memory, to get a good level of Choline in your body try to consume Cruciferous vegetable regular in your diet. Also you can include soybeans, peanuts, eggs and kidney beans to your diet to fulfill the requirement of choline.


You wouldn’t believe but the microalgae from the oceans and lakes including seaweed, blue-green algae and kelp are the high-energy supplements and very easy to digest. Microalgae can easily get from any health food store and also you can take it in powder form.

Green Tea

Green tea is a major source from the prevention of illness and it prevent an enzyme responsible for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a good source of anti-oxidant that prevents the age-related memory loss problem. Try to drink two cups a day to get betters results. So, Green tea is one of the “Top Foods for Brain Health”.

So, be healthy and keep other healthy because healthy mind is a source of good thoughts. Hopefully, this content will help you to prevent your age-related memory loss.