How To Improve Your Home For Holiday Guests

The cooler weather means less outdoor activity. However, the fall and winter months are prefect for home improvement or betterment projects. If you host holiday guests during this time of year, renovating or redecorating your home in anticipation of their arrival is a great idea. The following are a few easy home improvement ideas that are sure to impress holiday guests:

Add wainscot:

Wainscot is an easy way to improve the looks of your home. For the dining room in particular, it makes a noticeable difference. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, adding wainscot to your dining room walls is a great idea. Wainscot is simply a panel of wood that you place on the wall, and it will vary in quality and price. Most people install wainscot only about a 1/3 of the way up the wall, and then place trim around the top and bottom. You can also change baseboards and crown molding to match the wainscot for an even better look.


Painting is another easy-to-do home improvement project that is inexpensive and requires little skill to accomplish. Sprucing up your living area or dining room with a fresh coat of paint is a great way to add to your home’s beauty. For this time of year, use muted colors. For example, off-white, brown, muted red and yellows are all excellent choices.

Update your bathroom:

A bathroom update does not have to include a huge renovation. Simply replace the vanity and mirror to create a completely new room. When you have guests, the bathroom’s appearance is of great importance. A less expensive way to update the bathroom could include changing the bath mat, towels or light fixtures.

Update your decor:

Another easy way to improve the appearance of your home is to modernize your furnishings. You can take this as far as you like. For example, you could replace your couch and side tables, or simply update your artwork, accessories, rugs or window coverings. Either way, updating the decor will change the entire look of the room. To update a bedroom, a new comforter set or new lamps will greatly improve the room. You can use the same principle to redecorate every room in your home.
When you know that holiday visitors will soon arrive, you likely desire to improve your home’s appearance. Winter is the best time for these types of projects since you are indoors anyway. The above projects vary in cost and time requirements. However, any of them will improve the looks of your home in anticipation of holiday guests.

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