6 Tips For Being Fashionable On A Budget

6 Tips For Being Fashionable On A Budget

Clothing is a necessity in life. But, it is about so much more than that. Our choice of outfits gives us the opportunity to express our personality. When we look good, we feel good. How we look, for better or worse, affects how other people view us. A great outfit can help make a great impression at that job interview, or catch the eye of that cute guy across the bar. If we have limited funds, however, it may be hard to put together our ideal look. The clothes you have may not necessarily be the clothes you want, but maxing out your credit cards to rebuild your closet is probably not a good idea. So, how can you improve your look when funds are limited? Here are just a few helpful hints.

Go Easy on Trendy Clothing

Part of being fashionable is wearing the latest trends, but be careful of blowing your whole clothing budget on this season’s hottest looks. By next, the patterns, materials  and cuts that are so in now will probably be a thing of the past. So, feel free to put together the latest looks, but don’t go overboard, lest you will end up with a bunch of clothes you will no longer be wearing soon enough.

Invest in Some High Quality Basics

The core of your wardrobe should be basics that will always be in style no matter what, like a great pair of jeans. These staples can form the foundation of endless looks. This is not the place to skimp on quality, since you want these items to last. And owning nice pieces will boost your overall confidence about your look.

Don’t Cut the Tags Just Yet

No, I am not suggesting you tuck tags and try to return the item after getting some use out of it. What I am suggesting is waiting at least a few days before snipping them off. Try on the piece a few times and see if you still feel the same about it as you did when you first purchased it. If you don’t absolutely love it every time, bring it back. You might also consider returning it if you can’t pair it with at least two other items already in your possession. Even when you are knowingly on a budget, you may still be prone to impulse purchases and this can help curb the problem.

Jazz it up with Jewelry

If you are trying to be fashionable on a budget, you must not ignore the power of jewelry. Some well-chosen pieces can add pizzazz to even the most basic of outfits. A cute t-shirt and jeans can be turned into anything but plain when you throw on a couple of pieces of statement jewelry, like a gem-studded bracelet or necklace. Earrings can be particularly powerful, but if you never got them pierced, have no fears. You can find plenty of hoop clip on earrings and other clip ons made for grown ups.  When it comes to jewelry, it is important to pick pieces that resonate with you and express your personal style. Be careful of juts going for the latest trends, regardless of whether you feel confident wearing the pieces or that the style vibes with you.

Hit Up the Sales Racks at Expensive Stores

If you are on a budget, you may think that certain stores are completely out of your realm and you may not even bother to step foot in the door, but don’t discount them just yet. Whether it is Bebe, Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, never pass up the opportunity to browse the sales rack. These clothes are often steeply discounted, and you may be able to find some gems, particularly some staple items that you can wear with lots of different things.

Invest in Nice Shoes

Unlike clothing, no one would think twice if you wore the same pair of shoes every day for a week. Shoes can really pull an outfit together, or even be the focal point of your look. Invest in some nice shoes, and they can make even inexpensive items look more posh.

Kelli Cooper enjoys blogging about fashion, especially tips on how to look good without spending a lot of money.