SEO – Why Is It Important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process via which the visibility of a given web site can be affected in the search results of a search engine. Generally, a website with a higher rank appears more often in the list of search results and with this more visitors visit that web site. This way more traffic is generated towards a given website. The searches are of different types, like image search, academic search, news search, local search, industry specified vertical search etc. SEO basically considers the way the search engines work, what people usually search for, the key words generally types in for search and the search engines preferred by the audience, targeted. Optimization of a web site involves editing the content in it, HTML and similar coding in order to increase relevance to the key words and in order to remove hindrances to indexing activities of the search engines. Search Engine Optimization also promotes a web site so that the number of back links and inbound links are increased.

The Importance and Benefits of SEO

SEO is beneficial and important because of the following:

  • Low Cost Results

Organic listing is free. Once mentioned on top of the list, one does not need to pay per click or go for allocating budget in order to advertise. With SEO traffic can be increased without paying for every single click. SEO thus gets over with the need of having thousands of ads across the internet.

  • Ensured Increase In Traffic

With reporting tools and Analytics, one can see a definite increase in the traffic. This helps in maximising the business efforts. SEO gives the best results quickly since the rate of traffic increases steadily as soon as efforts are put in to start Search Engine Optimization. This can be verified by using tools that can track the traffic on a web site.

  • Higher Credibility

SEO helps in adding brand value to one’s website. With SEO a web site can be listed in the top results and thus more traffic can be generated for the website since the website gains more credibility.

  • Better ROI

SEO provides better ROI. Out of 1000 visitors, up to 4% of them convert to sale. This higher rate of conversion is one amazing benefit derived from SEO and that is why training in SEO is so important. A hit from the search engine Google is valued more than that from any random ad.