Keep Up With The Joneses With These Inexpensive Pieces

We all need a bit of extravagance every now and then. Why do you think so many people have strived to keep up with the Joneses all these years? Of course, the problem with trying to live the high life is that if you do not have the bank account to back up your lavish lifestyle, you’re definitely going to have some fiscal problems in the very immediate future. However, just because you’ve got a budget to stick to does not mean that you cannot live in style. Below are ways to instantly glam up your home. Don’t tell anyone, but these items come cheap, too!

Little Tables

Try to open one of the glossy home improvement  magazines you have lying around and try to spot how many little tables there are in any picture of living rooms which you find. Chances are that you will find at least one. These little tables, which can either be round or square in shape, are often seen beside armchairs. Not only does the little table serve to make your reading nook more inviting but also very practical functions as well; these little tables are perfect for holding books or mugs of coffee.

Indoor Furniture Outdoor

Yes, it might seem too much of a contradiction but the truth is that individuals who have money to spend choose to adorn their covered outdoor spaces with indoor furniture. Do not be scared to pick out pieces of furniture with actual upholstery that comes with real fabric. Just make sure to choose fast-drying batting as well as fabric which is specially resistant to the elements in order for your investment to stay intact and useable longer. For as long as you take a few simple precautions and ensure that your outdoor space is well protected from the elements, then you shouldn’t  have to worry about your classy furniture pieces being ruined by rain.

Neutral Colored Furniture

Another easy way to add oomph to your space is to pick out pieces of furniture with neutral colors. Sticking to a neutral palette will allow your home to be in style despite the changing trends and fads because the classics are always in. Go for navy blues and grays as well as black and whites, and only use accessories to add a punch of color to your room. You’ll be able to accomplish a very high-end French look with only a couple of investment pieces.You can check out great furniture pieces and ideas where to get them with Nick Scali on twitter.


Another way of making your house a lot more stylish is through built-in shelves, drawers and cabinets. It accommodates all your goodies and they take up less space. While many of us think that incorporating built-ins in our living room is quite expensive, there are actually options where you need not spend a lot. You can have a desk, booth or large table which can act as craft station or spot for homework. A window seat can also become a reading station or even a place for nap time. Anything is possible is especially if you start getting creative.

Stacey Watts, the writer, loves decorating homes with the right furniture. She also plans and designs outdoor spaces with wooden furniture. When not blogging, she shops for home decors.