Soften That Hard Water Once And For All: Simple Solutions For Your Family

Does your family suffer from hard water at home? Have you thought about doing something about but it, but are unsure as where to start? Read on to learn more about some great water softener system options, you might be surprised!
What Is Hard Water?
Before we work on getting a solution, let’s back up a little to make sure we understand the problem. Hard water is simply dissolved minerals, such as calcium carbonate and other impurities in the water supply. The common name for calcium carbonate is limescale. It’s the same stuff that leaves specks on dishes, gunks up shower heads, and is a pain to clean away. It may also cause itchy skin or other ailments. Another common “hardness mineral” is dissolved magnesium.
When limescale gets bad, typically the only way to remove it is with harsh chemical treatments. Occasionally, the only way to fix clogged pipes fix pipes is to replace them entirely – a very costly repair!
Prevention Is Key
Thankfully there are options out there to prevent limescale buildup causing any major issues. Pipes typically require many years of use before clogging up. (However, in areas with high mineral content in the groundwater, the rate of buildup can be shocking.) A good solution, if you’re a homeowner, is to install a full home purification system.
Whole house filters and softeners look very much like slightly smaller water heaters and tend to be installed right next to them. These units are great because they require little maintenance, use low amounts of power, and simplify everything by providing a central solution for every sink, shower, and appliance.
Tasty Sips
Not only is soft water more economical, it also saves money! Also, if you use reverse osmosis, gone will be the days of feeling like you just drank a mouthful of dirt. As an added benefit, many softening filters can also remove dissolved iron and rust. If this is something you’re looking for, check with the manufacturer to confirm, as many only remove calcium and magnesium. You may have high iron content in your local aquifer, so it would be worth asking or researching online.
Filtration for refrigerators is also out there if you enjoy using the ice maker and indoor water dispensers. Many times these break down after just a couple of years due to hard water clogging the components. Warranties generally don’t cover this type of damage, so these problems go unresolved for many.
Shower Heads And Sinks
If whole house filtration is not for you, look into shower head and sink filters. These are all very similar but come suited for the volume of fluid that will be passing through them. They only need to have filters replaced once a year or so, depending on the make and model. Having a water softener involves adding new salt periodically. Solar salt is the best and cheapest and is readily available.
Get Started Right Away
Just one order online or trip to the hardware store could solve all your problems with hard water. This is a common problem and a very easy one to solve thanks to a wide variety of products and trustworthy manufacturers. Say goodbye to food tasting like dirt, and hello to a higher quality of life!
Jessica Stephens is a freelance writer who covers consumer issues for several publications. Her professional experience has helped many others to determine their own water softener system cost expectations. She enjoys investigating new e-commerce websites, reading poetry, and spending time volunteering at the local animal shelter.