Reasons Karate Is Beneficial For Children

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Most people think of self-defense whenever they think of karate; however, there are plenty of other reasons for kids to study martial arts. If you have been considering enrolling your son or daughter in karate classes, here are some benefits that you may not be aware of.
Increases Confidence
Karate helps increase confidence levels because students become more adept at defending themselves. As they advance in the ranks, they will also be called on to perform in front of a testing board or help the head instructor demonstrate techniques. This places them somewhat out of their comfort zone, and more confidence develops as a result of this. Karate also reinforces positive thinking, which is an automatic confidence booster in itself.
Improves Respect
Respect is an important aspect of martial arts training. During a karate class, children will be required to show the proper respect to senior classmates, the instructors and the dojo. They will also receive respect because martial arts lessons are meant to encourage students rather than belittle them. Parents are often surprised at how well this respect carries over into other aspects of their kids’ lives.
Develops an Interest in Physical Fitness
Children today are faced with more challenges than ever when it comes to remaining active. It can be tough to get kids to exercise, but if they are enrolled in karate classes, this might not be the case. Karate is physically demanding and keeps kids in peak physical condition. They will improve their cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. They may even shed a few extra pounds in the process. By learning to exercise at an early age, your child will learn healthy habits that will be beneficial for years to come.
Improved Focus and Concentration
A great deal of focus and concentration are necessary in order to perform certain moves in karate. Concentration is also used whenever students are breaking boards. Learning to focus properly can help children in a number of ways. Some examples include helping to improve grades, increase memory and lengthen attention spans. In fact, many parents of children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD find that medication is no longer needed after their kids have been enrolled in karate classes for a period of time.
Karate has numerous mental and physical benefits for children. It can often be a way to disconnect with the stressful world around them, thereby enhancing their overall quality of life both in and out of the dojo.
Ken believes that karate is a valuable sport for growing children. His company, The Little Gym, provides karate classes for children from age four to twelve.