Students Need Introductions and Conclusions In Their Essays

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Every student has to write essays at some point in their educational career – and not just for their English classes. Although essays are a routine assignment, the majority of students still struggle to write them well and 9 of 10 students hate writing essays.

Students learn the basics of writing in their English classes, but the average teacher isn’t equipped to teach their students how to write brilliant essays in the short time allotted to teach the lesson. Teachers do the best they can, but that doesn’t mean that every student is writing as well as they have the potential to write.

Students especially struggle with starting and ending their essays – they don’t understand what a true introduction or conclusion is. Every teacher and home school parent has read an essay that as they glanced at it look great – proper grammatical form, good handwriting, satisfactory length – but as they being reading it, they realize that while it is a decent essay, it has no introduction or conclusion.

Students Need Introductions and Conclusions In Their Essays

Or even if it has one or both, they are severely lacking in quality as well as the content a proficient introduction and conclusion should have. Teachers of all kinds scratch their heads trying to figure out how to teach their students to correctly introduce and conclude their assignments, but all the advice they come up with seems to go in one ear and out the other.

How can this be avoided?

Start students utilizing good writing patterns at an earlier age. Teach them before high school and college – ages where writing problems tend to be more difficult to correct – how to properly introduce and conclude their writing. The methods are out there, teachers just need to find the time and good lesson plans that show young students how to write with talent in a way that they can understand.

Creating good writers isn’t solely the teacher’s job, it does take effort on the part of the students, but giving them the resources when they are younger is a huge step in the right direction. Students need to know that to become a first-class writer doesn’t take endless hours to learn – given the right opportunity and a little bit if extra effort anyone can write outstanding essays.