SEO Education- A Necessity Of The Times

How often do you get to hear about a brand being totally ripped off of its value only because of a black hat SEO firm that was just not capable enough to handle the job in the very first case? Every industry has its share of good and bad reputation. The only weapon to combat the negative, I feel is Education. It becomes very difficult for those who have dealt with these so called SEO firms to trust a genuine SEO company. Its education and only education that can help you differentiate between the rotten apple and the good apple.

A few handfuls of bad apples have disreputed a totally good internet marketing tool. The only way to counter attack this and to regain the lost trust is to spread knowledge among each and every one by spreading knowledge about the SEO and its practices.

Educated business owners are less likely to be robbed blind by these black sheep’s of the SEO industry besides losing their valuable brand name and customer base. I understand the fact that it takes a lifetime to master the intricate details of SEO, but the basic knowledge is attainable. This knowledge is your amour against the crooks out there waiting for their chance to pounce on the first opportunity to con you.

SEO is a laborious process and it takes quite a while for the real results to show. A SEO campaign is a comprehensive task that takes into account the age of the website, the nature of competition faced, what kind of previous SEO work that has been done on the site etc. SEO is time intensive work and you have to sit back patiently to reap the rewards. It is always better to set realistic expectations from your SEO campaign. This can only happen when the business owners have the basic understanding of what and how of the SEO tool. Those who lack the knowledge expect instant results. This is an SEO campaign and not a magic show for God sakes!!!

Most clients expect quick results. But SEO is a long term option. For those clients who do not have the basic knowledge of SEO always fail to understand the time and effort that goes into designing and operating a SEO campaign. Months of careful thinking and planning ultimately results in a successful SEO campaign. After all link building, keywords generation or writing an article which catches the readers’ attention and is also capable of link building is not a piece of cake.

It is our responsibility, the SEO professionals to spread knowledge about SEO across all levels of customers and business owners. This new found knowledge will help to build a trust among your clients, this ensures better working relations.

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