Vehicle Sales Figures Defy the Consumer Reports' Recommendations

As per the latest reports received, there is a changing trend being seen in the automotive industry. While earlier the recommendations of the consumer reports were given much importance, the trend seems to be changing. There is an increased gap between the sale of vehicles and the recommendations given by the consumer reports.
Consumers are giving more importance to their self analysis rather than rely on the reports given by the consumer reports. As per the latest reports, car models like Volkswagen Passat and Civic from Honda are gaining substantial markets despite losing the ‘recommended’ status of Consumer Reports’.
Sales estimates by different analysts had been submitted prior to the ‘Sandy’ storm hitting the East Coast. However, nothing went as predicted as the storm slammed the major auto markets and that too at a time when the sales of automobiles start to accelerate.
As per the data received from the Automotive News Data Center, the sale of Passat from Volkswagen went on from 4,893 a year during the same period to 83,662. Volkswagen with these figures has improved upon its annual sales record and has joined the ranks with Toyota Motor Corp. in showcasing the biggest increase in sales in October compared to the same time, a year ago.
As per the Consumer Reports for the Civic, the car was labeled as providing an insubstantial ride with loud roar noise and long stopping distances. However, the car sales overrule the analysis as the Civic stands at the number sixth position of the best selling cars in the US for the year. Despite being criticized as having bad and cheap interiors and low quality materials, Civic sales rose to 234,029 units, a rise of 40%.
To keep a watch on Toyota Etios Price In Chennai, one can always check popular car price websites before manually visiting the showroom. Talking of other car models and companies, the Toyota and Honda buyers have been loyalists as they have stuck with the brands, no matter what the recommendation. The Chrysler Group LLC, although has been given the below average status on the testing grounds by the likes of J.D. Power and Associates and Consumer Reports, has posed a steady gain in the US. The models from Chrysler group although had been termed as the worst performers have gained praise and growth due to the redesigned models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV and Chrysler 300 sedan.
These and several other figures of other car makes and models are reporting similar trends of defying the consumer report recommendations. The change is due to the consumer’s interest and the belief of his own analysis. Consumers read the consumer reports to get an idea of the proposed status when purchasing a new car but when it comes to the application of the information, they rely only on their instincts and their requirements.