Top 5 Tips to Purchase Your New Domain Name in India

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5 Points to Keep in Mind Before Buying a New Domain Name
You might not think that your domain name is an important part of your campaign in comparison to other aspects such as content quality and advertising strategies, but in fact having a good, relevant, memorable domain name can bring more traffic to your website than you probably expect.
There are hundreds of very reputable domain registrars such as Bigrock, Redfiff domains and hosting, Godaddy, Name Cheap and many more and almost of all these domain registrars offer coupons and promo codes which can be redeemed while buying the domain, most of these can be acquired through Couponraja, Voucherking, Myvouchercodes, Couponrefund etc.
Make it relevant
Having a domain name which is not relevant to what your website actually does will not get you very much traffic. If you want potential customers to click on your site, you need to tell them what your site does. Domain names like “” are great because they create expectations of what they provide. Names like “” take a lot more branding because the audience cannot tell from the name what the company does. One way to make sure your domain name is relevant is to pick out a few of your keywords and play around with them, adding prefixes and suffixes until you’ve found a keeper.
Make it unique
We’ve all seen those Compare the Meerkat adverts, right? You don’t want your website to be easily confused with another, because otherwise all your traffic will be directed to the wrong place. Using a hyphenated, pluralised or differently spelled version of an existing domain name is likely to have this effect. You also need to make sure you are avoiding copyright infringement. Use a domain search website to see what names are available before you buy one. As of now domain law is not as strict as it is supposed to be in India, but down the line it can get tough to avoid domain copyright issues, so make sure your domains are always unique. Having a unique domain can help your business in long run.
Make it memorable
Keep it short and sweet and use words which are easy to remember. This is where making it relevant to your company will come in handy. You want a name that will spring to someone’s mind when they require services or products you specialise in. Using words which are easy to type is also helpful. Something like a pun or a rhyme will help people to remember your domain name, but don’t make it too long. You should also think about choosing a .com domain over a .org, .net or a different domain extension, as this is what most people are likely to type in first.
Brand it 
A successful domain name cannot just be a collection of words. People are much more likely to show and interest in a website which has set itself apart with a brand than one which simply looks like it does what they want. For example, the name “” states what it does, but does not have the same appeal as a recognisable brand such as “”.
Don’t overpay 
do not over pay
Just because your domain name is important, it doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. When you use an online search tool to find an available domain name, it doesn’t mean you have to buy it from that provider. Before you purchase anything, you should try to find the cheapest deals. Use price comparison sites, and check online for discount codes to see if you can get the domain name you want for a fraction of the price.