Get On Your Bike

For most of us, our experiences of bicycles go all the way back to the days when we were putting playing cards in the spokes and running home with bruised knees after falling off. Most of our friends would also have had a bicycle and if you didn’t have one yourself then you were quite likely to be left behind. As we get older though it becomes likely we are able to afford our own cars and other vehicles and once we are old enough to get a licence, our bicycles are likely to become consigned to the shed with many of us never getting on a saddle again. Not all of us choose to do away with bicycles completely though and some prefer the freedom that bicycles give us along with the opportunity to get some exercise. If you do choose to ride a bicycle as often as you can, you should make sure you get the bicycle that is right for you.
City Bike
The city bike is a design with no whistles and bells that is made for little more than getting the rider from A to B with relative ease. They are not designed to be particularly tough or particularly fast and they have gear ranges that are ideal for people that don’t want to exert a lot of energy while cycling. They will often come with luggage capacity making them ideal for shopping trips and can be used no matter what type of clothing you may be wearing. If you would like something that will get you to work or to the shops at a leisurely pace and with added functionality, the city bike could be exactly what you are looking for.
Road Bike
The road bike is generally designed for longer distance riding in mind so it is ideal for people that take cycling a little more seriously. Being able to travel great distances on roadways opens up a huge number of opportunities and it can be surprising just how much ground can be covered on a road bike. Some road bikes can be equipped with baggage holders so you are well equipped for your journeys and they have a range of gears that allow the rider to negotiate steep terrain and attain reasonably high speeds. Similar in design to the road bike is the racing bike, although they are made using more advanced materials and have gear ranges that are more suited to high speed racing than long distance riding.
BMX Bike
A BMX bike is useful for little more than showing off and doing stunts on and is unlikely to be considered by the majority off adults. Its small frame makes it far from ideal for travelling distances or carrying loads and most don’t even have differential gears making speed ranges very limited indeed. If you are considering a BMX then you are almost certainly looking for something that will be just a bit of fun and with a lot of practice you can impress friends and family with the stunts that can be pulled.
Mountain Bike
Britain has a great deal of beautiful countryside to be explored and if you want to go off the beaten track to go where most others don’t, the mountain bike could be just what you need. With a sturdy design, chunky wheels and gear ranges that help you negotiate uneven terrain a mountain bike could take you where other bicycles are likely to struggle. Many mountain bikes will even have suspension to help make your ride over rough terrain all the more enjoyable. A mountain bike is also reasonably suited to riding on the roads so it can be used for everyday use.
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