Cellphone Apps To Help The Dedicated Golfer

Ask any golfer about the pleasures of the game and they will talk for an hour or more. However, ask them about the frustrations of their chosen sport and the chances are they will talk for several days. For most players, there are few things in life that are more pleasant than playing well on a sunny day, and even fewer things worse than enduring a rainy afternoon when their form leaves them altogether.
There was a time when the only thing that could make a golfer play better was hour after hour of practice, augmented by the occasional lesson from the local professional. This is the 21st century now, however, and the waves of technological innovation have led to the creation of a number of apps that can help players of all handicaps to hit straighter, longer shots and hole putts from anywhere on the green.
One of the biggest drawbacks for golfers, and it’s one that can make a huge difference to their success, is that they can’t see themselves when they swing. Even if they check out the mirrors at a driving range it still doesn’t give them the full picture. There are cellphone apps available now, however, that let them film themselves while playing shots, and which will then give an assessment of the good and bad points.
Going the distance
While they’re out on the golf course itself, most golfers like to know the exact distance between their ball and the centre of the green. Many courses have yardage markers at certain intervals – at 150 yards for example – but anything more accurate than that was always an unachievable pipe dream. Thanks to GPS technology however, they can have pinpoint information at their fingertips.
If a golfer selects the wrong club for a particular shot, the end result could see a ball that was destined for the centre of the green suddenly fall short and end up in a waiting bunker. Because of this, being able to view the exact distance on their cellphone would give the player the confidence he or she needs to play the shot without having any nagging doubts about whether a seven or eight iron would be best.
Needless to say, there are several more apps that will please the golfer, including ones that will allow them to keep up to date records of their scores on all the courses they play. There are a number of golf games on the market as well, so the dedicated player can still get their golfing fix even when it’s pouring with rain outside.
David Showell is from the UK and works for comparecarhire.co.uk.