Car Valeting: Make Your Car Stand Out From The Crowd

Getting a decent price for your car is easier said than done. Whether you sell it privately or trade it in on a part-exchange deal, everyone will be trying to haggle you down, and the price you had in mind can diminish very quickly.
One way to counteract this is to take your car to a professional firm of valeters before you put it up for sale, who will make both the exterior and interior gleam like it has just come out of the showroom. It will be such a pleasure to drive that you may even be tempted to keep it.
Taking care of your car in this way helps to retain its value, and you may be surprised at the better offers that it attracts following a professional valet, as people can immediately see that the car has been well cared for. Once you get into the habit of having your car valeted, you will never take it to a car wash again.
Commercial car washes are a car’s worst nightmare due to the harsh chemicals and brushes used. Even washing it yourself at home can cause problems with the paintwork, as tiny pieces of grit can easily become trapped in the sponge and cleaning cloths. Minute scratches may not be visible at first, but over a period of time, the paintwork starts to look worn, uneven, and faded.
Professional car valeting companies use top quality shampoos, gentle detergents, and soft cloths and brushes to gently but effectively remove dirt and grime from all over the car. The undersides are cleaned with a high pressure wash to remove accumulated road dirt, and once clean, the bodywork can be protected with a layer of wax polish that repels water and general grime.
Following a professional valet the interior of your car will smell fresh and clean, and look immaculate. This in itself can persuade people to buy your car, based on the clear fact that you have taken great care to present the interior in pristine condition, as well as the exterior.
All upholstery and floor mats will be vacuumed and cleaned with gentle but highly-effective shampoos, and if you have leather seats, they will be treated to a specialist clean that feeds the leather and makes it shine. All interior windows, the dashboard and steering wheel will be cleaned, and the car will smell so fresh that you will not recognise it as your own.
Professional car valeting may cost more than a standard wash, but it is a real investment in maintaining the value of what is probably one of your most expensive purchases.
David Hamer is an expert on the benefits of car valeting. If you live in the south-west of Englalnd and are looking for help with car valeting Wiltshire offers many companies who can provide professional services at reasonable rates. To take advantage of their services for car valeting Wiltshire companies sometimes offer deals for regular customers.