Badajoz City: Urban Nature

The city of Badajoz has many parks and gardens of extraordinary beauty that enhance the beauty of the city itself. Sexy and beautiful urban parks scattered throughout the city and many green spaces in the capital and close to it, enhancing its natural beauty and majesty.
Walking every corner of the capital, we can find places like the beautiful forests of oaks three streams (about 6 miles from Badajoz), or the quiet parks and gardens such as eg Castelar Park and the gardens of the Galera. Los Jardines de la Galera, dating from the tenth century and consists of a succession of Arab gardens, located near the tower Espantaperros. The gardens are endowed with beautiful examples, worth seeing at all times when they break spring blossoms. Castelar Park, occupies part of the former convent of Santo Domingo. The garden design was the work of John Nogré and José de la Concepción. What catches the attention of visitors are palm trees, which are a little-known species, the Whasingtonia addition, these gardens feature exotic species among which stand out for their size and scale eucalyptus. The park is structured based Castelar dirt roads crisscrossing demarcating green zones mimicking a small curb through a succession of stones.
In addition to the gardens and park Galera Castelar, Badajoz has the beautiful Legion Park, this park covers the exterior walls including Santa Maria and San Pedro. This is a large garden and work of Judge Antonio Mayor Ricardo driven Carapeto, whose flora is beautiful corners, among flowers and leafy trees. The park also connects with Round Pillar, occupying the ground of the Trinity for the inside.
At approximately six kilometers from the city Badajoz, found a most extraordinary place and in the process of recovery, the many oak trees that occupy the park of the Three streams have turned this place, in the most visited by excellence in Badajoz. Placing ourselves in Valverde de Leganes road about ten miles from the capital, find another place. Less known than the rest of Lares, Manantio enjoys great natural beauty around them, however, because of the massive building, is suffocated by the hand of man.
To end this original tour of parks and gardens Badajoz, conclude this route to San Francisco ride. This tour was created in the early nineteenth century in the garden of the former convent of San Francisco. Considered one of the most important recreational areas in the city of Badajoz, has in its composition palm plant, cinamomos, banana groves planted various Indian and to shelter from the sun, providing shade and breeze in summer. To give more beauty and culture if possible at all, in the middle of the walk we found a iron bandstand directed exclusively to music, usually small orchestras and chamber music, decorating the bandstand and the whole ride, there is a provision of streetlights Also fernandinas nineteenth century (1830).
Badajoz is city and capital of monuments and places of great natural beauty, steeped in history, culture and fantastic places Badajoz.
Article written by Errol Juarez on behalf of the Things I Dig – Read more travel articles from Errol.