Quick Bridal Beauty Fixes: A 5-Step Head-to-toe Preparation Guide

The hectic days that characterize wedding planning mean that panicking is hard to avoid. With so many things to keep organize like seating plan, budget and selecting the guest list; many people forget the aspect of beauty. The following are the pre wedding beauty tips to transform you into a beauty queen. It does not matter whether you have frazzled hair, dark circles and prickly legs, the washed up wedding planner that is you can be transformed to a beautiful bride. Read on to find out.
Try your make-up long before the day of the wedding. Avoiding trying out new things on the day of wedding as it van be tragic. Apart from the fact that you may not feel comfortable on the new makeup, it can also be difficult for the groom to recognize you. And any make-up that you choose should be tried and tested in camera and natural light before the actual day of the wedding. Choose the kind of makeup that is timeless. You certainly don’t want to cringe when you get to look at the photos 15 years later.

Heavenly hair

Exactly one month before the day of the wedding, start thinking seriously about the look you want on that day. This is important so as to give you time which you need in order to get used to a particular style you have chosen. 2 weeks before wedding is the time to fine-tune style and color. Have roots retouched, and give it a gloss treatment so as o get extra shine. A day before wedding, wash and have your hair blow-dried. This hair care tip will allow more grip.

Nice Nails

Prepare your hands for the big day. Remember that your hands are about to change forever when a wedding ring is slipped on them. Naturally therefore, you want to ensure that you keep them as pristine as practically possible. To get your nails to look their best on that day, start preparing them at least one month before. Using a high quality hand cream, moisturize your hands every day. To nourish and moisturize the cuticle, use high quality cuticle oil. This will promote nails that are both strong and healthy.

Perfect shape

You have to lose weight so you can fit into your wedding dress. Remember that all eyes will be on you that day, and so you have to be as confident as you can. Given the short period of time that you have, regular exercises and healthy eating may not be sufficient to lose weight. Look for weight loss aids and supplements to quicken the weight loss. A perfect body brings out the best of accessories worn on it, like necklaces for women.

Get the right accessories

The wedding dress is certainly the most important things you want to have. However, it is not the only one. There are lots of other things that you also need in order to look magnificent. Depending on the time of the day when the wedding is scheduled to take place, as well as the venue of the wedding, get you some cool sunglasses. Above everything else, eat well as this will reflect on your skin. Eat super foods such as blueberries as they have quite a lot of anti-oxidants, which are very wonderful in preventing fine lines. Also, get enough sleep and drink a lot of water.
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