3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Deck Or Patio

Summertime is here and you are looking forward to spending some time outside soaking up that sun! Perhaps you are planning a backyard get together, want to enjoy some lemonade while sharing stories with your spouse, or maybe you just want to kick back with a cold one; whatever your plan, it is time to get things in order so that you can relax and enjoy every minute of it!


Perhaps the most essential element for your deck or patio is outdoor furniture. If you are going to be spending time outside you certainly need a place to sit, kick your feet up and relax. Typically patios are not as large as a deck so a small table and a couple chairs might be the best option. There are larger table and chair sets for decks or larger patios. Be careful not to overcrowd your area. You want this to be a place you can relax with a good book or be open to entertain guests with a BBQ. Overcrowding makes it uncomfortable and cluttered. When choosing your furniture, choose furniture that allows for you to select your own chair pads and cushions. This gives you the options to: choose your own décor, change the color or patterns for a fresh decorative look, and to remove them for proper cleaning and care. In addition to the chair pads and cushions, select outdoor decorative throw pillows for that extra decorating appeal, chair comfort and back support for your guests!  Don’t forget when summertime is over you will want to make sure you have patio furniture covers to prevent wear and tear for next year.

Outdoor Curtains And Panels

Not only are outdoor curtains an alluring décor, they are also beneficial in creating an option for shade on those extra hot days! The curtains come in many fabrics and colors. Lace and sheer cast a beautiful look to your outdoor space and can really open it up when you keep the colors light or white. If you are looking to create more shade however you may opt for a thicker material and darker color. When hanging your outdoor curtains be sure you have the proper curtain hardware. Outdoor panels fit nicely on decks that have a roof or overhang. These panels are water repellant and hold up in stormy weather. Typically you can find them in a dark espresso or cedar look to add to your deck décor.


Once you have the furniture and curtains in place, it is time to select your decorative accents. Natural garden planters are a great accent and give you the option to plant your favorite flowers for décor. Planters also serve as a great place to grow your favorite spices and herbs. Another accent and outdoor necessity is an outdoor rug. This gives you a place to wipe your feet, as not to track dirt in your house, while also allowing you to add color to your deck or cement patio floor. Outdoor candles, tiki torches, and outdoor lanterns and lights are fun ways to light the party once the sun sets to go down.

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