What Will The Future Of Chinese Fashion Look Like?

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China’s fashion has been changing over the last decade. With an increased rate of urbanization, a rising number of income-producing jobs and an increased use of domestic products, the demand for clothing has grown notably. And that doesn’t stop there.

China’s demand for fashion will continue to expand and become more sophisticated in the future. Although not represented in China as much, western brands have continued to enjoy big sales market in the country.

Consumers from China are now moving to a lifestyle that demands more formal or fashionable attires since their range of social activities is expanding. With people traveling overseas and going to nightclubs, China’s fashion has a view to different outfits that match these situations.

The Western Style Is Still Influential

Fashion is a concept that has been around for years and is celebrated all across the globe. That’s why China’s top designers such as Masha Ma has many boutiques in Shanghai but shows her collections at famous fashion shows in the West.

Despite the recognition given to these top Chinese fashion designers, China’s consumers are heavily influenced by foreign luxury brands and will continue to do so. The editor-in-chief of Vogue, Dame Anna Wintour said, “I see a lot of pretty things in China but nothing I could call ‘modern Chinese style’ has emerged yet.”

Many of China’s top designers trained in Europe, which helped their talent gain recognition in the West. But perhaps it’s not contributing to carve a mark in China’s fashion industry quite yet. A lot of them are stay-at-home practitioners who browse sites such as Seed Heritage for updates in the field.

The Western influence will still be present in the future of China’s fashion since consumers crave for it. But perhaps, it’s for a good cause. In 2010, China’s fashion market was worth about RMB 400 Billion, and in 2020 that’s estimated to grow up to RMB 1.3 Trillion.

China’s Brands will Continue to Grow

China has brands that are equivalent to local brands in the West. However, these brands struggle to compete with their competitors because of the brand’s price, especially online.

Many Chinese tech brands have established themselves as household names in the West, despite the fact that it seemed like an impossible task. Now, these fashion brands set a goal to expand into the Western market such as London and New York, but that has yet to happen.

While some of the Chinese fashion brands struggle to establish a name in the Western market, some already enjoy the privilege of expanding overseas. And they’re doing something that defies the prejudice that China’s fashion trends rely solely on foreign luxury brands.

Some of China’s brands defy the belief that China’s products are cheap and of low-quality, and in the future, many of China’s fashion brands are expected to follow.

Global Brands will Enjoy More Opportunities in China

According to Boston Consulting Group, if fashion brands want more exposure in the Chinese market, they need to find ways to strike an emotional chord with the Chinese consumers. And there are opportunities for North American and European brands to meet the needs of the customers.

In the coming years, the market for stylish yet affordable apparels is going to hit big in China, and that will open doors of opportunity in China. Some Western brands are already enjoying growth in China, thanks to a campaign that encourages people to make use of the brand’s products.

The future of China’s fashion will have more Western brands, especially when companies position and brand their products in the Chinese markets, which are essential to achieving success in China. That’s why more opportunities for global brands will open up for China.


The future of China’s fashion is a massive one, accounting for the factors present today. Since the taste of Chinese consumers continues to change, local and global brands will continue to adjust to their needs. And with an increasing number of customers, the future of China’s fashion is expected to be as big as their Western counterparts.