Winterize Your Lawn Care Equipment To Ensure An Easy Start In The Spring

Now that fall has ended and winter has arrived, you no longer have much use for your outdoor lawn care equipment. Equipment such as your lawn mower, sprinkler system and other lawn care tools are not going to be used during this time of the year. You will need to winterize this equipment to protect it from the cold. This means placing whatever you can indoors, using outdoor equipment covers to keep them from getting dirty. Follow these tips to winterize your lawn care equipment.

Lawn Mower

There are a number of things you need to do to your lawn mower before stashing it away for the winter.

  • Empty out all the fuel. Let the lawn mower run until it dies to make sure there’s no remaining fuel inside. Not only does gas degrade over time, it can absorb water, which can cause the motor to run rough.
  • Remove the spark plug to change the oil. Pour a tablespoon of engine oil into the crankcase by way of the spark plug hole and then use the pull-cord to turn the engine over a few times in order to distribute the oil. Re-install the spark plug without connecting the wire.
  • Clean out the engine housing and make sure the blade is in good condition. If it’s not, now’s a good time to replace it.
  • Make sure the lawn mower is clean, meaning there’s no dirt or grass still stuck to it. Dirt attracts moisture, which will cause rust.
  • Use a cover to keep the lawn mower from getting dirty while it’s sitting in storage.

Sprinkler System

If you have an underground sprinkler system, then you will need to get an air compressor, which can be rented. The water source to your sprinkler system should be turned off, and the air compressor should be used in order to remove remaining air and water out of the sprinkler system. Water that remains inside the sprinkler system can freeze, thereby damaging the system. Your above ground sprinklers and hoses should be removed and properly dried and cleaned. Store them in dry areas inside for the remainder of winter.

Other Lawn Care Tools

Anything with moving parts should be lubricated. Make sure all of your shovels, rakes, saws and other equipment are well cleaned to keep them from rusting. Store them in a dry area, such as your garage or basement.
Use these tips to winterize all of your outdoor lawn care equipment to keep them in good shape come spring time. Not doing so can result in your equipment being damaged, or working less effectively. Remember to use outdoor equipment covers to prevent your lawn care equipment from attracting dust and dirt.

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