Top Wearable Gadgets That Redefine Technology In 2015

Technology is all around us. Our day to day lives revolve around technology be it using our mobiles, televisions, iPods or laptops. However technology has found a new growth dimension and has entered in our lives in a whole new way. Wearable technology is the new IT buzz word in the field of innovation and technology is constantly striving to become a part in our lives in a big way.

Here are a few technological savvy gadgets you can easily wear and carry around to help you every step of the way enlightening your life:

Apple Watch

Apple needs no introduction. From iPads to iPods to Mac Books, Apple is a pioneer in every field of technology and has now launched the Apple Watch which is a great hit. The watch is beautiful and crafted to perfection and is one of the best smart watches in the market. It also has fitness tracking as well a heart rate monitor running on the iOS software. It has three variants- the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. It can perform a variety of tasks such as receive texts, emails and calls paired with an iPhone5 or above. With amazing customizable straps, you can give it any look you want to suit your personality and show off to your friends a remarkably crafted watch which is so much more.

Top Wearable Gadgets That Redefine Technology In 2015

Jawbone Up2

This is a great fitness tracking device that is stylish and extremely easy to use. This is not just thin and sleek but also helps you with its great tracking software. You can order your very own Jawbone Up2 using Paytm coupons without paying the full price and getting great deals. Its Smart Coach software gives you great fitness insights to help you reach your daily goals be it activity tracking including walking and calories burnt, sleep tracker that helps you achieve better sleep at night through its personalized suggestions or even food logging which helps you track calories and help you eat healthier. This is one wearable techno gadget you won’t get enough of!

Top Wearable Gadgets That Redefine Technology In 2015

LG Watch Urbane

This is another elegant offering from LG that is perfect for everyday use as it helps you keep a check on everyday activities through OK Google that helps you send texts and emails, get weather updates and discover what movies are playing near you. The watch is dust and scratch proof and is beautifully crafted helping you get real time feeds from Facebook as well as flight details and notifications about new messages so you’re always in touch with loved ones and colleagues. This truly is an amazing offering from LG.

Top Wearable Gadgets That Redefine Technology In 2015

Mi Band- Xiaomi

The Mi Band from Xiaomi is one of the best fitness trackers that you can easy set up with Android smartphones through an app. The band tracks your steps and tells you how much you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burnt and helps you reach daily goals. You can also keep a track on your sleep as it informs you about your sleep pattern and helps improve your sleep. Its nudging alarm gently wakes you up rather than being woken up rudely by other alarm clocks. Use amazon coupons to get your Mi Band today and customize to suit yourself as its available in a variety of colorful bands to add a great vibe to your tracker.

Top Wearable Gadgets That Redefine Technology In 2015

Pebble Time

This is yet another state of the art smart watch that is crafted to perfection and comes with Corning Gorilla Glass Protection. You can now easily manage texts, calendars, remember dates, take calls through this device making it very accessible and easy to use. You can also control your music be it iTunes, Pandora or any other software directly from your wrist to enhance your music experience. A single recharge helps it last 5-7 days which is pretty good battery life. This is one sleek watch you absolutely must own!

Top Wearable Gadgets That Redefine Technology In 2015

The world of technology can easily be fit into the palms of our hands and this surely is the future we’re looking at. Wearable technology is just the start to a very technologically advanced future!