Useful Tips For Condensation Treatment

Presence of water vapour is essential for keeping the environment comfortable. However, the problem arises when these water vapour start to show on windows, walls and ceilings in the form of liquid droplets. This condition is known as condensation. Peeling paint, growth of black mould and material warping are some of the signs indicating the presence of condensation which usually occurs in areas with high humidity, like kitchen and bathroom. Not paying attention to condensation early enough can cause considerable damage to your property. Mentioned below are some simple yet effective condensation treatment tips which can be followed to keep condensation related problems at bay.

  • The home should be well ventilated all the time. Windows should be opened regularly in order to ensure proper airflow throughout the house and combat condensation.
  • Extractor fans in the kitchen should be turned on when cooking, as it will help to extract excess moisture generated by boiling pots. Opening the windows of your kitchen is also suggested for getting rid of excess moisture.
  • Similarly, extractor fans should be used in bathroom or shower as well, as excess moisture is present in such areas. In order to avoid the moisture from escaping into other areas of home, the door of bathroom should be kept shut.
  • Clothes should be dried outside of the house as much as possible. In case this is not possible, then dry your clothes in an enclosed area with open windows. While using a tumble drier the ventilation pipe should run outside the property.
  • Avoid placing the furniture too close to the walls, as it can restrict the flow of air, which could eventually lead to condensation and growth of black mould. Leaving some gap between furniture and the walls ensures uninterrupted flow of air, allowing it to circulate around freely.
  • It is the cold air that causes the release of moisture through warm air. To avoid this from happening, constant temperature should be maintained in the home, especially during winter months.
  • Absence of proper air ventilation can lead to moist air getting trapped in your house and condense the walls. Therefore, airways of your property, such as chimneys and airbricks, should be kept clear in order to allow the air to flow out and in your home.
  • The down pipes responsible for carrying water away from your home should be in good condition. A damaged or blocked drain pipe can make the outer walls of your property wet; thus causing damage to the property and leading to the problems of condensation and black mould. 

Following the above mentioned tips can help to avoid the problem of condensation from arising in your home. In case you notice leakage, or any signs of condensation, in your property, then professional help should be taken for condensation treatment without any delay. Not paying attention to this problem earlier can become a major cause of concern later on. So, ensure proper ventilation and keep the indoor environment moisture free to enjoy a healthy and safe lifestyle.